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IGEL + LG Celebrate Partnership at DISRUPT23

IGEL + LG Celebrate Partnership at DISRUPT23

IGEL Strengthens Alliance with LG and Welcomes them as a Diamond-Level Sponsor for DISRUPT 2023

Congratulations to LG on the impressive number of awards won earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In 2023, IGEL is continuing to strengthen our alliance with LG by adding several new LG devices to our IGEL Ready program. These devices will receive “Advanced” level certification which means they are fully supported on IGEL OS by IGEL. This will give customers peace of mind when purchasing an LG product and pairing it with IGEL OS. This will also open the door to having more LG devices factory loaded with IGEL OS.

Currently, LG has several cloud PCs that are certified through the IGEL Ready program. These devices include desktop, laptop, and all-in-one models. A full list of all devices can be found here. Devices marked as Advanced have gone through rigorous testing by IGEL QA and are always supported with the latest IGEL OS version. The testing includes a wide array of scenarios that include device performance, functionality, and unified communications. Devices marked as Activated have been tested by the manufacturer (LG in this case) with scenarios provided by IGEL. This testing shows that the device will work with IGEL OS but is not supported by IGEL.

IGEL is currently running a promotion where qualifying entities can get a free LG device. If you’d like to get a FREE LG device visit to claim your IGEL powered LG device. See this video for a brief overview of the LG device being offered and IGEL OS.

Join LG and IGEL at DISRUPT 2023

IGEL is also very excited to have LG onboard as a sponsor for IGEL DISRUPT 2023!  Be sure to register here using the discount code “LG” to get up to 60% off the ticket price of DISRUPT 2023. LG will host a breakout session where you can learn more about their products and their growing partnership with IGEL. At the session, you will also get a sneak peek into what’s new and forthcoming in 2023 from LG.

For more information on the IGEL Ready program, please visit the IGEL Ready Showcase or contact the IGEL Ready team at If you’re a hardware or software technology maker looking to join our fastest-growing ecosystem of IGEL Ready partners, please apply here.

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