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IGEL Ready Endpoints: Benefits for Everyone, from Users to IT

IGEL Ready Endpoints: Benefits for Everyone, from Users to IT

The dramatic shift over the past year has not only changed how we work, it’s made it all the more critical to deploy the right endpoint device to meet your mobile workforce’s business needs. Today’s “work from anywhere” world offers more freedom for users, but keeping endpoint devices and virtual desktops safe remains of paramount concern.

Enter: our award-winning IGEL OS software that allows existing laptops, notebooks, and thin clients to be converted into lean, secure, and powerful endpoints. They’re able to be fully managed and controlled by the IT team, without compromising endpoint device management and security across the enterprise.

IGEL OS can run on any compatible x86-64 device. So, how about we go a step further and provide a hardware device tailored to your users’ needs, that harnesses the power of IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization solutions, and delivers a seamless end-user computing experience?

The answer to that question is the IGEL Ready program. We team up with industry-leading endpoint manufacturers to provide plug-and-play devices that can be deployed to satisfy the needs of various use cases and environments. This IGEL Ready hardware puts you in control of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) faster, more efficiently, and more reliably than ever before.

So, what is an IGEL Ready Endpoint?

The IGEL Ready program allows hardware partners and other endpoint players to validate their devices to work smoothly with IGEL OS to ensure an optimal user experience. With the testing and verification required to validate IGEL Ready hardware, you can have confidence that comes from knowing that any new device with the “IGEL Ready” designation, will integrate smoothly into your existing IGEL infrastructure. Plus it will offer productive, fulfilling user experiences.

What’s more? Organizations deploying these IGEL Ready endpoint devices will benefit from the complete IGEL ecosystem of over 100 IGEL Ready partners, whose technologies are fully compatible and ready to use and integrate with any device powered by IGEL OS.

Portfolio of IGEL Ready Endpoints

Whether you’re creating a secure workspace solution for your remote workforce, managing challenging use cases in an industrial design environment, or even looking to meet the growing demand of mobile devices for healthcare, our collection of IGEL Ready endpoints has you covered.

Let’s take a look at the ever-increasing portfolio of IGEL Ready endpoint devices.

  1. LG. Among the first hardware vendors to join the IGEL Ready program, LG has over nine devices verified to work seamlessly with IGEL OS. The broad feature set of IGEL OS supports remote access and reliable multi-protocol connectivity to VDI environments and cloud workspaces, including support for Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft via LG Electronics family of All-in-One thin client solutions. As a result of LG’s participation in the IGEL Ready program this spring, many of LG’s All-in-One thin clients will be preloaded with IGEL OS for out-of-the-box use by mutual customers. Explore IGEL Ready devices from LG.
  2. Lenovo. Lenovo’s end-user computing solutions for the modern workplace, combined with IGEL OS-powered security enhanced endpoints gives any organization – from SMBs to global enterprises – the ability to enable more secure, productive remote work. At the same time, they reduce the cost and complexity of managing desktops and users. With eight devices already verified to work with IGEL and more in the works, we are together leading an intelligent transformation – to create better experiences and opportunities for millions of customers worldwide. Explore IGEL Ready devices from Lenovo.
  3. NComputing. IGEL OS ventured into the Arm architecture space and teamed up with NComputing recently to announce this exciting solution for the enterprise customer. Now, for the first time, the award-winning IGEL OS is available on NComputing’s Arm-based RX420(IGEL) endpoints as IGEL OS(RPI4), built on the Raspberry Pi 4 platform and optimized for Citrix’s Workspace App and a local Chromium browser. This indeed is a significant milestone in the evolution of IGEL OS. Explore the IGEL Ready NComputing RX420(IGEL).
  4. Dynabook. Adding a facet of mobile endpoint devices to IGEL Ready’s portfolio, Dynabook’s Satellite Pro C40-H and Satellite Pro L50-G will grant customers the ability to deliver more cost-effective, efficient and secure remote working to their employees. With IGEL’s quick and easy install out-of-the-box OS, end-users can be up and running straight away with IGEL OS on their devices. Explore IGEL Ready devices from Dynabook.
  5. ClearCube. ClearCube’s close alignment with IGEL yields industry leading designs that include thin clients, ingenious first-to-market fiber-connected zero clients, multiple-level security zero clients, TEMPEST certified zero clients and zero clients with integrated SIPRNet tokens. ClearCube devices are also easy to set up and deploy, dynamically scalable, and work with popular clouds like AWS and Citrix. Explore IGEL Ready devices from ClearCube.
  6. Dakel. Dakel’s STD Thin-client Laptop is a next-generation 15.6″ laptop with IGEL OS11 integrated and pre-installed. Designed for remote, safe, and efficient connection to a virtual desktop infrastructure, this device is optimized and ready to work by connecting securely to virtual desktops in Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and AWS environments. Explore IGEL Ready devices from Dakel.
  7. Systec. Headquartered in Germany, Systec & Solutions is a specialized manufacturer of hardware solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics, and food industries. Their speicalized product portfolio covers cleanroom fitted industry PCs and human machine interfaces (HMIs) and keyboards, with customers running IGEL OS in the environment. Explore IGEL Ready devices from Systec.

Isn’t it exciting that you now have the power of CHOICE? The flexibility to choose from these IGEL Ready partners and many more for your hardware platforms on which to run IGEL OS, is one of the key benefits of the IGEL Ready program. Be on the lookout for new endpoints and thin clients to be verified as part of the IGEL Ready program in the IGEL Ready Showcase.

Important to note: The verification levels of each of these devices mentioned above could differ between the Activated, Accelerated, and Advanced levels of the IGEL Ready program. For more details on these levels, please contact the IGEL Ready team at

If you’re a hardware or software technology maker looking to join our fastest-growing ecosystem of IGEL Ready partners, please apply here.

Divya Saggar

Director of IGEL Ready, IGEL
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