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IGEL UMS 6.08: Download Now for Latest Enhancements in File Export, Views and Access

IGEL UMS 6.08: Download Now for Latest Enhancements in File Export, Views and Access

When you’re managing and controlling thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of cloud-connected endpoints, you’re looking for a management solution that is easy to use, customizable, and can slice and dice data to fit your reporting and administrative needs. IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) has become the industry standard for endpoint management and control, and we’re happy to announce even more superior attributes with the release of the UMS 6.08. We also have valuable new enhancements to the IGEL UMS Web App – all downloadable now.

These new UMS 6.08 features will help customers in file organization, sharing and views:

  • Users can easily share info gleaned from IGEL OS-powered endpoints by defining an administrative task; create a custom name for the file, then send the view results in an exported file as a mail attachment. The files can be shipped in XML, HTML or CSV formats. For future reference, these views are saved in the file system of the UMS server.
  • Besides creating a view using a standard procedure, users can now create and edit complex views in a graphical or “expert mode” text format. It is also possible to switch back and forth between graphical and text mode as long as entered data in either mode is complete and valid. Text mode has the advantage of entering an SQL-like dynamic query, for example, ‘find all devices with a system memory greater than 1000 MB.’
  • Starting with UMS 6.08, all device licenses are included in the database backup. Administrators can also back up all licenses made with previous UMS versions, for retrieval if needed.

UMS Web App Enhancements

Customers using our UMS Web App with version 6.08 will find new features to make device management and control even more efficient:

  • It is now possible to view master profiles, edit their properties, and assign files and device directories to them.
  • Web users can now quickly jump from a profile or master profile to the assigned device and vice versa.
  • A new icon set with improved accessibility improves the user experience.

Always Innovating

These new IGEL UMS 6.08 features are just the latest reasons why IGEL continues to lead the industry in endpoint management and control for cloud-attached end-user devices. Our customers will find more options for file customization, views and sharing, to make their UMS experience even more insightful and powerful. UMS Web App users will enjoy more ways to easily organize and view files, with faster navigation a plus.

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Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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