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JUST RELEASED: “The Attic” Video Podcast Episode 2: Brian Madden

JUST RELEASED: “The Attic” Video Podcast Episode 2: Brian Madden

You won’t want to miss this chat with legendary EUC blogger, Brian Madden as he reveals his surprising start in tech from behind a Baskin Robbins ice cream counter, his early interest in VDI, founding the BriForum, his current role at VMware, and how COVID accelerated digital trends by 10 years!

IGEL continues its exploration and celebration of origin stories in Episode 2 of “The Attic” video podcast. The series gives a nod to IGEL’s founding 20 years ago in a small attic in Bremen, Germany by sharing the stories of tech experts and thought leaders across the end user computing (EUC) industry.

This episode features a conversation with legendary EUC expert, blogger, public speaker and the Lead Technologist in VMware’s EUC Office of the CTO, Brian Madden.

Brian talks about how he had his trademark “moxie” even during his early start in the computer industry when he was in high school and scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins. He also covers the inspirations for his first book (he has written 6 books and more than 2,000 technical articles!) titled “Citrix MetaFrame XP – Advanced Technical Design Guide Including Feature Release 1,” and how it started to build a following for him in the EUC community.

Brian also discusses the inspiration behind his BriForum events, the story behind selling to Tech Target, being on the speaking circuit, dropping out of tech for a couple years to fish off his back porch in Florida and the IGEL event that led him to join VMware.

“…So VDI is a core critical piece of infrastructure and a core component of a modern day EUC platform.  VDI is just sort of just one piece of that. And that’s a reason I am VMware right now, because VMware is not a one-trick pony when it comes to end user computing. As I said, we’re looking at delivering VDI, but also managing physical devices, physical Windows, physical Mac, IOS, Android, web apps, all the security, the zero trust, the intelligence, automation, secure tunnel, SASE. It’s all fitting together… from a customer standpoint, users… work where they work, when they work, on whatever device they have, and we in IT need to make sure that we can deliver the apps, the data, the services they need that are secure, reliable, performant, etc. And so to me, that was the message from VMware… we’ve been building that and improving.” – Brian Madden

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Thanks for stopping by The Attic. Join us again next time for more insightful conversations. Some of our upcoming guests include Tim Minahan, CMO of Citrix; David Smith, CEO of Teradici; and the industry godfather and IGEL’s new Executive Chairman, Bill Veghte.

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