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IGEL Onboarding / New Here / Standard License

Standard License

New Customer with Standard License

Below are the essential steps required to get you set up with IGEL, ensuring a seamless transition to our platform

This page you will cover:

  • Signing up to the IGEL LICENSE PORTAL (ILP)
  • Signing up to the Customer Portal
  • Signing up to the UMS
  • Options for Deploying Licenses


The IGEL License Portal (ILP) manages all your IGEL Software Licenses. This is the first step in setting up IGEL in your environment. The ILP allows you to view license details and expiration dates.

License Portal Registration

  1. Go to
    Click Register.
  2. Fill in all fields marked with an asterisk * and solve the captcha.
    Click Register.
  3. Ensure you receive a confirmation e-mail from and click the confirmation link.

If everything has gone well, you will receive an e-mail from the IGEL Customer Care team, enabling you to log in to the IGEL License Portal.

It may take up to 24 hours for the approval of the ILP. In the meantime, you can follow the steps below.

Customer Portal

While you wait for the ILP to be approved, you can register for the IGEL Customer Portal, which can help you with everything related to IGEL products. It’s the place where you can create an account for your company, invite other people to join, and give them different roles, like being able to ask for help from our support teams—change settings for the IGEL Onboarding Service and other IGEL Cloud Services all in one spot.

IGEL Customer Portal

  • Register a company
    to get access to the IGEL Cloud.
  • Invite EUC Admin and
    provide appropriate roles with additional access rights.
  • Register a UMS and
    give access to the IGEL Cloud Services (App Portal).
  • Configure Onboarding
    Service by registering UMS and identity provider.

Register on the IGEL Customer Portal at –

Download and Connect the UMS (Universal Management Suite)

Universal Management Suite (UMS) is IGEL’s management solution for your IGEL OS endpoints. There is no separate license fee for UMS. You can download UMS from our portal once you have purchased your first IGEL OS endpoint license. This simple and secure management software allows you to manage any remote endpoint from a single console.

To set up UMS for your environment and manage IGEL OS endpoints, you will need either a separate server or a virtual machine (VM).


To set up a standard UMS, you’ll need a server with at least 5 GB of RAM and 22 GB of available disk space. It should also have 4 CPUs to handle the software’s operations efficiently.

Connect to the UMS

To connect the UMS to our cloud services, you must register the UMS in the Customer Portal and ILP.

Once registered in the Customer Portal, the UMS can download apps from the app portal.

Once registered in ILP, the UMS can deploy licenses automatically to endpoint devices.

Export UMS ID:

  1. Open your UMS Console, go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS ID, and click Export UMS ID.

Registering UMS ID in Customer Portal:

  • Open the IGEL Customer Portal in your browser and log in to your admin account.
  • From the Configure Services menu, select UMS Registration.
  • Click Register a new UMS Instance.
  • Edit the necessary data, enable App Portal, and upload the certificate file (UMS ID)
  • Click Submit.

Registering UMS ID in IGEL License Portal (ILP):

  1. Log in to the IGEL License Portal (ILP). (If you have not registered yet, go to step 1). Your dashboard is shown.
  2. Select UMS ID.
  3. Click Register UMS ID.
  4. Under UMS ID Name, enter a name for the UMS ID.
  5. Upload the certificate file you have exported from the UMS.

Your UMS can now easily access the App Portal to import and update all necessary apps and is ready to deploy licenses.

Deploying Licenses

We have a few options available to you.

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