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Manager (TRM)

The IGEL Technical Relationship Manager (TRM) is a strategic resource designed to accelerate solution adoption and return on investment for IGEL products.

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Maximize the ROI of Your IGEL Investment

The best way to maximize the ROI of your IGEL investment is to have a resource that understands your business and helps you leverage IGEL tools to meet your objectives. IGEL TRM’s are the highest level technical resource available. They are proactive in understanding your business and assertive in helping you leverage IGEL solutions to meet your goals.

TRM Services

The TRM service is a subscription based renewable offering that generally runs for a period of twelve months. Your TRM will work with the project sponsor, project and business stakeholders and key operational personnel within the organization to accelerate early phases of adoption and guide integration into daily operations. The TRM is a pro-active service which works closely with the IGEL support and consulting teams. While working in conjunction with these teams, it is not a substitute for the services offered by them.

TRMs are intended to provide a bridge between customer’s business requirements and the functionality of IGEL products. They have the necessary technical expertise and business acumen to align your product usage with best practices.

Days per year 24 days (192 Hours) 48 days (384 hours) 96 days (768 hours)
Duration 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months


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