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IGEL’s The Knowledge Base Holiday Trivia with LG and XenTegra

Dec 13, 2023
14:00:00 - 15:00:00
Watch: live

Join us for a Jolly Holiday Trivia Game with IGEL’s DJ Gersh, featuring Aaron Addison (LG) and Barry Browne (XenTegra)!

Turn your Holiday knowledge into fun, festive prizes…

  • How many points, or sides, does a snowflake have?
  • What country does the holiday drink Coquito originate from?
  • Most 50 US states receive snow at some point, except for which one is it a rarity?
  • From what phrase is the word Wassail derived?
  • What mid-western town is named after Old St. Nick?

Those who place in the Top 3 win a very merry gift!

Add some cheer to your day and join us to put your trivia skills to the test! You might also learn some great things about IGEL, LG, and XenTegra along the way.


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