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The Knowledge Base Trivia – Healthcare Edition

Sep 21, 2023
16:00:00 - 17:00:00
Watch: live

Join us! The Knowledge Base Virtual Trivia – Healthcare Edition, with IGEL’s DJ Gersh, featuring Aaron Addison from LG!

Turn your EUC knowledge into fun prizes…

  • When was the first Computer-Based Patient Record published?
  • How many LG Medical Devices come pre-loaded with IGEL OS?
  • Which feature of IGEL COSMOS is most beneficial for the Healthcare industry?
  • What year did LG make their debut into the Healthcare Scene?
  • Are you familiar with the benefits IGEL + LG can provide to your end-users?

Not in the Healthcare industry? No worries, healthcare expertise not required!

Join us for a chance to place in the Top 3 to win a prize, and you might learn some great things about IGEL’s and LG’s Healthcare solutions along the way!

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