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Login Enterprise

Login Enterprise includes standard “out-of-the-box” Application Template Workloads

Login Enterprise maximizes the end-user experience to the IGEL endpoints. We reduce risk and ensure business continuity by safeguarding application and desktop performance. We do this using synthetic users to automatically test and validate the impact of change.

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Product Details

Login Enterprise integrates application compatibility testing, load testing, as well as performance & availability testing into a single platform. Login Enterprise also includes standard “out-of-the-box” application template workloads.


Performance and Availability Testing

Application Compatibility and Acceptance Testing

Application and Infrastructure Load testing

Login VSI maximizes the end-user computing experience on all IGEL OS-powered endpoints. Automatically testing and validating the impact of change in any physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces, Login Enterprise ensures application and desktop performance. The combined solution enables IT organizations to leverage their IGEL infrastructure to continuously test the performance and availability of virtual and cloud workspaces. The combination of IGEL and Login VSI enables customers to gain a holistic view of productivity resources 24x7x365, giving them visibility into performance and availability changes.

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