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“Since the split, we’ve never looked back”

Why it’s time you broke up with Wyse ThinOS

You have no doubt already invested time and money into your Dell Wyse Thin client estate and ThinOS. Many are keen to make the very most of their investment, but the faster paced world of VDI and DaaS now means that some of these devices or importantly, ThinOS, is struggling to keep up.

Some devices simply need replacing, some can be updated to Thin OS 9. Sadly, both options require additional time and investment.

Even if you own the right thin clients, a ThinOS 9 migration is significant change. The re-architecture of ThinOS 9 means it lacks some of the functionality customers are used in ThinOS 8 and ThinOS 9 has some serious drawbacks when it comes to important functionality like unified communications and staying current with the latest VDI clients. In fact, you’ll probably have already noticed that there’s a lot less investment, focus, and love for ThinOS and Wyse thin clients from Dell. So, WHY Compromise any longer?

Reserve your health check now

Request a Free Assessment

Register here to set up a free health check of your thin client endpoint environment with one of our engineers who can help you understand how you can easily replace your Dell ThinOS endpoints with IGEL OS. Simply fill out the form and you can expect to hear from one of our representatives shortly.

Once you’ve seen everything that IGEL OS can offer, we’re convinced you’ll quickly appreciate the power and ease of management of IGEL OS, keeping your old hardware while creating a new, superior user experience!

Five reasons to fix a date with IGEL

Don’t buy hardware you don’t need

There’s no need to throw away your endpoints. Just upgrade your OS. IGEL OS runs on any compatible x86-64 device starting with a 1 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM, and runs beautifully on Wyse hardware

Make a frictionless move to the cloud

IGEL OS was the first Linux-based endpoint OS to be verified with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). It supports all the popular protocols and unified communications tools, VDI clients, and cloud services, including Windows 365, Citrix, VMware and AWS. Whether on prem or in the cloud, IGEL OS has you covered.

Scale out, worry-free

Installing platform independent IGEL OS onto new endpoints, local or remote, is simple and hands-free. IGEL OS comes with included Universal Management Suite software, so you can easily scale to 300,000 endpoints and more.

Deploy Win 10 and 11 without the hassle

IGEL OS makes the move to a Windows 11 in VDI or DaaS environment, friction-free. Why manage Windows twice when you can have IGEL OS on the endpoint connecting to Windows in datacenter or cloud? IGEL OS can also be deployed on Windows based Dell Wyse endpoints for even more savings and increased security.

Stay secure, up to the cloud

IGEL OS has a minimal attack surface and a tamper-proof, read-only file system. Unique end-to-end verified cryptographic signature checks keep your users and their devices safe, from the endpoint UEFI all the way to the VDI host or cloud. With your VDI and DaaS endpoints secure, your people are free to achieve great things in a hybrid work world.

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