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IGEL Technology is one of the world's leading thin client vendors, Europe’s No. 1 in linux based thin clients and UKs fastest growing thin client brand (data according to IDC Thin Client Tracker 2013). 

What are Thin Clients?

Thin clients are a reliable, cost efficient and energy saving alternative to PCs. They increase data security and compliance with laws and regulations like HIPPA as sensitive data is not stored locally and the use of USB-ports can be managed remotely by the administrator. Thin clients come without fans or rotating hard drives therefore they are much more reliable than PCs and increase the overall availability of IT. The low energy consumption helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Together with an efficient remote administration of all local thin client settings they offer a fast return on investment. The introduction and roll out of Cloud Computing or virtual desktops or classis server-based computing becomes economically favourable when cost efficient thin clients replace PCs. The  Total Cost of Ownership / TCO of the IT infrastructure is decreased sustainably.



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Facelift for Germany's bestselling thin client

IGEL is now supplying its top-selling IGEL UD3 (flexible thin client) and IZ3 (specialized zero client) models in a new housing. This offers numerous advantages for customers, including an even more compact design which makes integrating the devices into the workplace even easier. In addition, the freely accessible VESA holes on the housing make it much easier to affix the device to the rear side of a monitor. IGEL now offers matching VESA fixings, too. A connectivity bar with two serial ports and either hidden USB or WLAN replaces the previous connectivity foot. The devices can now easily be attached to the rear side of a monitor with the help of a special VESA mount, even if the connectivity bar is attached. Designed specifically with recycling in mind, the robust housing also improves the devices' environmental credentials. The optimized on/off button is touch-sensitive and no longer needs to be pressed. The cover for the front ports has also been improved and now opens even more easily. A pull-out information tag on the rear of the housing is another new feature. It means that information about the device is also available when it is switched off and there is thus no need to place stickers on the exterior of the housing.



IGEL Zero: Zero Clients – The IGEL Way!

The new IGEL zero clients for Citrix HDX, Microsoft RDS/RemoteFX, or Vmware Horizon ViewIZ Horizon deliver a true zero-client experience at an affordable price, and avoid the limitations typically encountered in other zero-client brands. That means you receive free support for your devices, an easy upgrade to the Universal Desktop License should you wish to change your VDI infrastructure, and your devices boot quickly and directly into a VDI session – whether Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp, Vmware View, or Miscrosoft RDS. IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) device management sofware ships with your device at no extra cost and provides „zero touch deployment“ with „zero local management“ required.




IGEL UD10: the New All-in-One Thin Client. Extra Large, Extra Fast

With a 23.6“ widescreen display, integrated smartcard reader, numerous peripheral interfaces, touchscreen and WLAN, the new IGEL UD10 is a highly versatile, powerful device optimized for a wide range of work environments, including those with limited desk space. Ideal for point-of-sale (POS) or as a kiosk, the device does not require a mouse or keyboard and can be operated even by users wearing work gloves due to the optional infrared touchscreen. Thanks to the new Universal Desktop firmware and dual-core processor, the UD10 delivers high performance with all current computing infrastructures, and its energy usage is extraordinarily low: 31 Watts when in idle mode and less than 1 Watt in standy mode.

IGEL UD5 Dual-Core Thin Client

As part of its dual-core upgrade program, IGEL is giving its top models even more power. With its dual-core processor, Intel Sandy Bridge chipset technology and other hardware improvements, the IGEL UD5 is fully equipped to handle playback of demanding multimedia content in virtual IT environments. This means that users can now enjoy all the benefits of thin clients in a much broader range of applications. In keeping with the well-proven Universal Desktop concept, the new top-of-the-line model also supports all popular communications protocols such as Citrix HDX, PCoIP and Microsoft RemoteFX.




IGEL Microsoft Windows EmbeddedIGEL Thin Clients with Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7

The new IGEL UD3, UD5 and UD9 W7 thin clients with Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 are truly impressive devices, designed to deliver a quality user experience, flexibility and safe longterm investment. This high-performance and extremely energy efficient thin client is distinguished by its industry-leading deployment flexibility. The range offers an excellent quality visual experience with Windows Aero, Windows Media Player 12 and native support of Microsoft VDI by means of Windows RemoteFX.





IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 2 (UDC2) Software

The Universal Desktop Converter 2 (UDC2) thin client software provides a highly effective alternative to traditional thin client hardware. The software is installed as the operating system on PCs, notebooks and select thin clients, and turns the hardware into a powerful software-based and universally deployable thin client allowing secure access to almost all centralized IT infrastructures. The list price of the UDC2 is 59,- Euro net per license. An optional multimedia CODEC pack, e.g. for local processing of multimedia streams is available at 20,- Euro net. There are no additional costs beyond the initial investment, and the price includes all firmware updates and the right to use the IGEL Universal Management System. Why not see how simple UDC is to use for yourself and order a free test license today?





IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)

Included with all IGEL units, the license-free IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) remote management software is the preferred tool for ensuring smooth, efficient and comprehensive management of IGEL’s open, future-ready thin clients. With its support for a wide range of operating systems, databases and directory services, such as Microsoft Active Directory, the Universal Management Suite can be very easily integrated into any existing installation. The High Availability Extension offers the option of creating a redundant set of components, allowing both internal and external requirements as well as rules and regulations for failsafe operation of all systems to be met.  




IGEL UD9: An Integrated Thin Client with an Intel Atom Processor

The all-in-one IGEL UD9 thin client model series features a super-fast Intel Atom N270 processor and is fully integrated within a 21.5” widescreen display. The device offers many flexible options for a wide range of uses, making it the ideal solution for point-of-sale (POS) systems, educational institutions and libraries as well as government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, logistics services and hotels. With numerous interfaces and options, including a touch screen, WLAN capability and a smartcard reader, the All-in-one thin client is superior to Apple’s iMac and other similar products because it can be remotely managed in a uniform, consistent manner, saving time and money in system support and management. The UD9 also uses much less energy, creating far less environmental impact.