IGEL OS Has Revolutionized
End User Computing

Simple, Smart & Secure

The platform-independent IGEL OS is designed to become the standard enterprise managed operating system for PCs, laptops, tablets, thin clients, and most every other x86-64 device.

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Key Feature


IGEL OS is IGEL’s platform-independent Linux-based next-gen endpoint operating system for simple, smart, and secure endpoint control and optimization. IGEL OS turns any compatible x86-64 device or thin client into a secure IGEL-managed endpoint. It provides outstanding audio, video, interactive graphics, and unified communications. Constantly updated with the latest versions of the most popular codecs, users from engineers to designers to gamers can experience outstanding multimedia experiences.

Built-In Security

Built on highly secure Linux, read-only file system, with multi-factor authentication, smart cards, trusted execution.


Easily customizable firmware per corporate branding, messaging, and look-and-feel.

Up To Date & Integrated

Commitment to lockstep firmware support for Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Teradici 4x per year. IGEL OS supports interfaces, protocols, devices, and solutions from more than 90 technology partnerships.

Modular & Flexible

Use only the features you want and none that you don’t need. Tailor the capabilities of your IGEL-powered endpoints to support networks, protocols, and peripherals not supported in the current IGEL OS release.

Key Feature

Suite (UMS)

UMS and its simple yet powerful user interface make it easy for a non-expert to control and manage from just a few to up to 100,000 IGEL OS-powered endpoints with minimal training. In addition to making end-user computing management massively scalable yet easy, UMS features simple cloud-based endpoint software licensing where licenses can be ported between any compatible x86-64 devices.

High Availability

A high availability option helps ensure the continuous operation of the Universal Management Suite even if the primary server should become unavailable for any reason.


Often a requirement in many enterprises, a REST API allows for easy integration of IGEL UMS with existing management, reporting, and trouble ticketing systems.

All Essential
Features For
A World-Class
Virtual Endpoint

IGEL Workspace Edition contains all the essential elements for highly secure, powerful, and easy to manage ultra-thin endpoint computing. It includes IGEL OS, the platform-independent software that can turn any compatible x86-64 device or thin client into a highly secure, fully managed IGEL software-defined endpoint. It also includes IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) software with a singular focus on enabling easy and secure endpoint management and control.

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