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IGEL Unveils Game-Changing Approach to the Secure Endpoint OS for Now & Next, Releases Dates for IGEL DISRUPT 24

New Company Vision Centralizes Around a Preventative Security Model™ to Address the Specific Requirements of Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing and Government Customers

SAN FRANCISCO – January 4, 2024IGEL, provider of the secure endpoint OS for now and next, today announced its new brand and a game-changing approach to secure enterprises with the endpoint operating system (OS) that is redefining endpoint security. At the center of the company’s new vision is the IGEL Preventative Security Model™ which has been designed to support the Zero Trust and SASE initiatives that eliminate endpoint vulnerabilities targeted by bad actors. This new company vision and endpoint security model will be central themes at the annual IGEL DISRUPT End User Computing (EUC) Forum, IGEL DISRUPT 24, to be held April 29 through May 1, 2024, in Miami.

“The cloud-first approach taken by many organizations has resulted in a shift of endpoint workloads away from the endpoint, and into VDI, DaaS or SaaS infrastructure often accessed through secure browsers,” said Klaus Oestermann, CEO, IGEL. “This shift presents a unique opportunity to reassess the enterprise endpoint. Through IGEL’s Preventative Security Model, IGEL OS reduces the endpoint attack surface by 95%, dramatically reduces endpoint purchasing and operational costs, and helps organizations meet sustainability and Zero Trust goals. IGEL OS is the most secure and efficient endpoint OS for enterprises across all major vertical industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing and government.”

Redefining Endpoint Security

To signify its role in the revolution of the enterprise endpoint OS, IGEL has launched a new brand and logo. The redesigned logo, which features emanating endpoint “sparks,” signifies IGEL’s foundational Preventative Security Model which sets it apart as the secure endpoint OS for today’s enterprise. The IGEL Preventative Security Model supports Zero Trust and SASE initiatives in five key ways:

  1. Read-only OS. The secure Linux-based OS means users cannot unwittingly, or maliciously, install malware to the endpoint reducing the risk of successful phishing, ransomware and other cyberattacks.
  2. No local storage of data. No customer, patient, financial or other information can be downloaded to the endpoint or exfiltrated through attached USB devices. This ensures lost or stolen devices do not create a breach investigation, or that malicious internal users are not able to surreptitiously steal data.
  3. Trusted application platform. A secure boot process ensures no code has been tampered with. A reboot returns the device to a known good state enabling organizations to confidently restore services in minutes rather than weeks or months from a cyber-attack
  4. Authentication, SSO integration and SASE. IGEL partners with the leading authentication vendors including Microsoft, Imprivata, Okta, Ping Identity, VMware and Citrix to integrate with broader standards. IGEL also partners with SASE and Secure Service Edge partners to optimize Zero Trust implementations.
  5. Modular design. At just 2GB, IGEL OS has a much smaller attack surface than a traditional endpoint OS. IGEL OS 12 only contains what the user needs to accomplish their tasks. Additional functionality such as partner integrations with Citrix and VMware, security vendors and more, can be downloaded from the IGEL App Portal.

Optimized for Vertical Implementation

IGEL OS is uniquely agile for flexible workflow and governance support across key vertical industries. Working closely with key IGEL Ready partners, IGEL OS is at the core of industry-specific solutions that meet the defined needs of healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing and government customers. This has resulted in major industry adoption where IGEL OS is used by…

  • Leading healthcare and life science organizations including all the top five hospital groups in Europe, five of the top 10 biggest healthcare providers in the U.S. and five of the top 10 leading pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Major financial services brands including three of the top 10 banks in Europe.
  • Prominent retailers including five of the top 10 retailers in North America.
  • Leading manufacturers including all the top 10 manufacturers in Europe and four of the top 10 manufacturers in North America.
  • Global government agencies including hundreds of federal, defense and state and local government agencies around the world.

Lowering Endpoint Costs and Reducing Carbon Footprint

IGEL OS also significantly reduces the total cost of endpoint computing while reducing power consumption and extending device lifecycles to reduce carbon footprint by 60%. IGEL OS enables IT to remove superfluous endpoint security and management agents while also enabling the purchase and use of devices with less powerful processors to enhance overall sustainability. Using IGEL OS can also extend the lifecycle of endpoints from a typical three-to-five years to up to eight years, for significant total cost of ownership reduction.

Save the Date for IGEL DISRUPT 24

IGEL will be featuring the value of using a Preventative Security Model during its annual End User Computing event, IGEL DISRUPT 24, where EUC and security industry leaders and visionaries converge to share best practices, insights and new technology trends. To be held in Miami, from April 29 to May 1, 2024, IGEL DISRUPT 24 is expected to be the largest EUC industry event ever. To be among the first to learn about IGEL DISRUPT 24 early bird registration details, visit:

About IGEL

IGEL is the leader in providing a secure endpoint OS for enterprises now and next. Designed for VDI, DaaS, SaaS and secure browsing, IGEL OS delivers a first-class user experience while being seamless to manage – saving money, fuelling growth, supporting sustainability and driving organizations forward. IGEL OS supports a Zero Trust approach to security through the unique IGEL Preventative Security Model removing the attack vectors often exploited by bad actors. Trusted by leading healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and government leaders worldwide, IGEL has a growing ecosystem of more than 125 integrated IGEL Ready ecosystem partners and is represented by partners in over 50 countries. For more information on IGEL, visit


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