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Revolutionizing the Enterprise Endpoint OS: IGEL’s Game-Changing Approach to the Secure Endpoint OS  Now and Next

Revolutionizing the Enterprise Endpoint OS: IGEL’s Game-Changing Approach to the Secure Endpoint OS Now and Next

IGEL is in the midst of the most exciting phase in our company history. Similar to the enterprise datacentre market, the enterprise endpoint market is in a perfect storm inspiring organizations to re-evaluate their options, and look for more cost effective, secure and sustainable solutions:

  1. Enterprise IT continues its march away from running workloads at the endpoint, and embraces SaaS, DaaS, VDI and secure browsing
  2. A move to Windows 11 will be top of mind for organizations in 2024. Not only are Microsoft recommending moving to running Windows in the cloud, they are also calling out Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 in their earnings announcements as surpassing $1B in revenue
  3. Cyber-security remains atop the headlines in terms of policy, ransomware attacks, and the impact of AI
  4. 2024 sees the start of mandatory sustainability disclosures in the EU. While wholesale greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting is not mandatory in the US, many organizations are actively reporting on sustainability and California’s Climate Accountability Package enforces mandatory scope 3 reporting on any organizations with revenues of more than $1B that does business in California.

Building on our rich history of engineering excellence and industry partnerships, as we enter 2024 IGEL is uniquely positioned to help organizations meet the challenges outlined above while also reducing IT spend.

Here’s how:

Redefine Endpoint Security.

IGEL’s Preventative Security Model™ eliminates the endpoint vulnerabilities targeted by bad actors. IGEL Endpoint OS supports Zero Trust and SASE initiatives through:

  1. Read-Only OS. Users cannot unwittingly (or wittingly) download and install malware to the endpoint.
  2. No local storage of data. No customer, patient, financial or other information can be downloaded to the endpoint or exfiltrated through attached USB devices. This ensures lost or stolen devices do not create a breach investigation, or that malicious internal users are not able to surreptitiously steal data.
  3. Trusted Application Platform. A secure boot process ensures no code has been tampered with. A reboot returns the device to a known good state enabling organizations to confidently restore services in minutes rather than weeks or months from a cyber-attack
  4. Authentication, SSO Integration and SASE. IGEL partners with the leading authentication vendors including Microsoft, Imprivata, Okta, Ping Identity, VMware and Citrix to integrate with broader standards. We also partner with SASE and Secure Service Edge partners to optimize Zero Trust implementations
  5. Modular Design. At just 2GB, IGEL OS is a much smaller attack surface than a traditional endpoint OS. IGEL OS 12 only contains what the user needs to accomplish their tasks. Additional functionality such as partner integrations with Citrix and VMware, the above security vendors and more, can be downloaded from the IGEL App Portal.

Focus on Vertical Solutions

IGEL recognizes that the challenges, workflows, governance requirements and necessary integrations can be unique across industries. We have formalized partnerships and deep integration with the major software and hardware partners in each industry vertical. IGEL is utilized by many of the largest organizations around the world including:

  • Healthcare & LifeSciences: 5 of the top 5 hospital groups in Europe. 5 of the top 10 biggest Healthcare providers in the US. Many of the world’s largest Healthcare Payers/insurers and 5 out of 10 leading pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Manufacturing – 10 of top 10 in Europe. 4 of the top 10 in North America
  • Retailers: 5 of the top 10 North America
  • Finance: 3 of the top 10 Banks in Europe.
  • Government: Used across Federal such as Defence as well as State & Local government around the world.

Minimizing TCO and Maximizing Sustainability

An analysis of real-world customer deployments from IGEL’s TCO tool reveals that before IGEL, the total cost per endpoint device including the tangibles such as device purchase, software, deployment, management etc. is approximately $1000 per device per year over a 4-year period (assumes a device refresh every 4 years). With IGEL, we are able to reduce those costs between 50% and 75% (sometimes more) through:

  • Removal of the various security and management agents that need to be selected, purchased, tested, deployed, managed etc.
  • Enabling the purchase of devices with less powerful processors as the applications and workloads have been moved to SaaS, DaaS or VDI
  • Extending the lifecycle of the endpoint from 3 to 5 years to 6 to 8 years.

With organizations assessing whether Windows 11 in the cloud is the best option, implementing IGEL can help optimize budget spend away from the constant endpoint budget drain, to a more sustainable cloud first approach. Please contact IGEL for your customer TCO analysis

The Power of Partnership

IGEL is a partner centric company. From leading software and hardware companies, including Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Lenovo, LG, and HP, to vertical specific partnerships including Imprivata. Through these collaborations, we can provide tailored solutions that meet requirements unique to each of our targeted industries.

IGEL is also a 100% channel-focused company. Our channel partners are a cornerstone of our business, and we are fully committed to cultivating and maintaining strong partnerships with them.

Shaping the Future of Endpoint Security and Management

In 2024, IGEL will once again host the End User Computing event of the year, DISRUPT. IGEL DISRUPT 24 will be held in Miami from April 29 to May 1. We fully expect this to be the largest event ever and will be joined by the biggest names in the EUC and Security universe. We will also host a second event in September, IGEL DISRUPT EMEA in Munich.

Looking Forward to 2024

The end-user computing market is, arguably, ripe for its biggest shake up in almost 30 years. IGEL, with our technology and channel partners, is leading the change, helping our customers meet their security, cost and sustainability goals. Reflecting this, and as a symbol of our excitement in, and commitment to this market, you may have noticed that the website now reflects our new branding, messaging and excitement for the year ahead.

We look forward to working with you on shaping your endpoint security strategy both for now, and next.

Klaus Oestermann

Klaus Oestermann is CEO of IGEL.
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