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Citrix Workspace and IGEL Enable Secure Working from Anywhere

Citrix Workspace and IGEL Enable Secure Working from Anywhere

Working from home and having secure remote access is more important than ever before. Citrix’s remote application and desktop delivery paired with IGEL’s simple and secure endpoint software means it could not be simpler. Citrix Workspace and IGEL OS are flexible and great to use when working from home, making it easy to stay productive from almost anywhere. Citrix has been a leader in remote access for over two decades and IGEL OS provides an unmatched operating system for on-premises and remote endpoints, and has emerged as the ideal next-gen edge OS for the cloud.

Over 100 million users trust Citrix, with 17,000 organization currently running on IGEL OS. Why is this pairing so trusted? One of the big reasons is added workspace flexibility, no matter the location. Any compatible x86-64 device, regardless of the manufacturer, can be converted to IGEL OS and with the UD Pocket USB device, a personal PC can transform into an IGEL OS-powered Citrix workspace. Even on a mobile device the Citrix Workspace app can be utilized.

Being productive while working from home can be a challenge but IGEL and Citrix make it both easy and secure. The Citrix Workspace portal makes accessing any business application simple on any device and IGEL’s endpoints auto-configure based on predefined profiles. This means Citrix gives access to all apps that are used for work – web, mobile, virtual, and SaaS from one portal. IGEL OS can also be easily installed with no-touch deployment and drag-and-drop profiling. See more in this infographic.

IGEL OS and Citrix can also save you money by reducing CAPEX. The Citrix Workspace application gives users access to all desired desktops, apps, and cloud workspaces from any device. With IGEL OS, existing hardware has an extended life, delaying the dreaded “hardware refresh” by years and the added disruption and cost that goes along with it. Employee-owned PC’s can also be used simply and securely while working from home.

Working from home can be efficient with Citrix and IGEL. In addition, remote Windows patching is no longer needed, and endpoints can be updated quickly and reliably with automated configuration. System integrity from endpoints to the data center or cloud is ensured with Citrix and IGEL’s chain of trust. Plus, Citrix Workspace with IGEL OS is highly customizable. Customize the name, application color, and theme to keep things fresh while working from home. Learn more in this tip sheet.

End-users were starting to integrate at-home and remote work even before the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now work-from-home has become the “new normal” for a huge new population of workers.  Fortunately, with Citrix and IGEL, users have the freedom to get their work done from almost anywhere, and IT maintains full management and control of their data, apps, and endpoint device assets regardless of their location.

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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