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IGEL and NComputing: “Arm’d” for the Enterprise!

IGEL and NComputing: “Arm’d” for the Enterprise!

Wow, what a difference a year makes! Yes, I know 2020 was a horrible year with COVID-19 and all that. But, I’m excited to say that after a year of working with the super cool folks at NComputing, IGEL is now announcing that IGEL OS is available to run on an Arm architecture device, and in particular the NComputing RX420.

Who cares? 

Well, I do for one, and so will a lot of our enterprise customers. Because now you can get a solid enterprise-class Arm device, with full enterprise support (e.g., 7×24 support, regular updates, a commitment to near “day one” support for Citrix and third-party integrations). And since we’ve been at this since May 2020, I can promise you (like everything IGEL does) we’ve been thorough with our integration and testing – with IGEL’s innovative, resolute German engineering, we’ve ensured the solution is fully integrated and works seamlessly with our x86-64 devices, all managed by one Universal Management Suite:

The Value of Choice

Here’s what one of our German customers has to say:

“IGEL OS(RPI4) for NComputing’s RX420(IGEL) is a useful development for us. It offers more platform choice for our endpoints. Support for the IGEL Universal Management across both x86-64 and Arm devices helps increase our options.  We’re pleased to see IGEL continue to deliver on its promise to be a platform agnostic solution provider,” reported Daniel Kraus, Manager Modern Devices Client Labs & Certification, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

As you can see, “choice” is the important word here. In addition to this new development with NComputing, IGEL also recently announced that Lenovo joined the IGEL Ready program. This means that now, customers have the flexibility to choose from NComputing, Lenovo, LG, OnLogic, ClearCube, Dynabook, Advantech, (not to mention Dell & HP) and many more for their hardware platform on which to run IGEL OS.

On the Right Path

Talking about alternative devices, I was delighted to see Apple announcing an Arm-powered device;  it also makes me feel confident that IGEL is on the right path with our joint support for both x86-64 and Arm architecture devices. I can’t wait to visit Cambridge, to see all the cool things that the Raspberry Pi Foundation is doing and planning; clearly the next few years are going to be groundbreaking for IGEL:

“At Raspberry Pi, we’ve always seen ourselves, first and foremost, as a PC vendor. Inspired by the home computers of the 1980s, our mission is to put affordable, high-performance, programmable computers into the hands of people all over the world,” said Dr Eben Upton, CEO Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd. “I’m delighted to see IGEL, the leading thin client OS vendor, join the movement by enabling Raspberry Pi devices with its IGEL OS. Edge devices have become an increasingly important market for us, and adding IGEL to the list of available solutions will accelerate that trend.”

It’s still early days yet, so please try not to get overly excited! However, know that IGEL is committed to working closely with NComputing to ensure the success of this important launch. For now, the NComputing RX420 will be the ONLY Arm architecture RPI4 platform that IGEL supports. But, clearly, this is just a glimpse into the future of where IGEL will go as a leading edge OS provider for cloud workspaces.

Read the press release on IGEL’s teaming with NComputing and stay tuned for more news on IGEL OS support and enhancements.


Simon Clephan

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