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Questions to NComputing regarding IGEL OS on Arm

Questions to NComputing regarding IGEL OS on Arm

IGEL OS is now available for an end device with an Arm processor. The RX420(IGEL) from NComputing which is based on the Raspberry Pi 4 platform is now supplied with IGEL OS.The range of end devices running IGEL OS is increasing, allowing customers to find a suitable solution for any purpose. As VP Customer Operations at IGEL, I spoke to Jochen Polster, Vice President Sales Europe at NComputing, about the partnership between NComputing and IGEL. Incidentally NComputing has also joined the IGEL Ready Program.

Jochen Polster, NComputing

Timo: Jochen, we’re proud to see the “powered by IGEL” logo on your devices. With its bright yellow colour and numerous ports, the little RX420(IGEL) looks really good. What comparable end devices do customers buy from you and what are they used for?

Jochen: We have various product groups aimed at a wide range of target groups: one of our technologies is specifically aimed at schools, while another one is geared to the needs of purchasers at SMEs. We’ve always done things a little differently, so our hardware is now based on Arm technology. As a result, our customers range from educational institutions such as Berlitz and Explore Learning to clinics such as the Bonifatius Hospital Lingen and even certain banks.

Timo Siedenberg, IGEL

Timo: It’s clear that you have a large existing customer base. Why did you opt for a partnership with IGEL? How will customers benefit from having IGEL OS on an NComputing device?

Jochen: I think IGEL and NComputing complement each other perfectly. NComputing clearly needed software which would make our hardware more attractive to enterprise customers. IGEL sets standards in the sector, especially with its Universal Management Suite (UMS) for centrally managing all end devices. IGEL is now focusing more on software. With NComputing, it has a hardware partner offering a wide range of value-for-money thin clients. Thanks to the partnership, IGEL and NComputing together are now of interest to new customer groups.

Timo: What in your opinion, are the key features of the RX420(IGEL)?

Jochen: I can sum that up in one sentence: “The RX420(IGEL) is a very high-performance thin client with the best OS, the lowest energy consumption and a very attractive price tag.” Because it’s based on the industry-standard Raspberry Pi 4, it offers 4k resolution on two monitors and hardware acceleration even for demanding graphics processing. The IGEL OS can also be supplemented with its own code, such as IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Timo: Everyone is saying that the “new normal” will remain with us – maybe a more “hybrid style of work” – at home, at the office and when on the move. Do you agree with that, and what consequences will it have for NComputing and your customers?

Jochen: For many workers, home offices complemented by flexible office workplaces will be the standard. This trend is opening up lots of new markets for VDI solutions and thus for IGEL and NComputing. No other system caters for these new workplace scenarios like the RX420(IGEL). It can be used to set up a space-saving, high-performance and secure workstation which can be managed remotely, while in offices it’s a stand-alone workstation for the perfect flexible workplace and can also be used as a wireless docking station for employees’ own laptops.

Timo: Thank you Jochen. I look forward to working on lots of projects together.

The RX420(IGEL) is available now, further information is available from NComputing.

Timo Siedenberg

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