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IGEL brings Secure Shadowing to the Home and Mobile Office

IGEL brings Secure Shadowing to the Home and Mobile Office

Plus, Other New IGEL OS Features for Greater Security, Interoperability and More…

Reports estimate that as many as 70% of people, worldwide, work remotely at least once a week. That’s a tremendous number of digital workers that may be working outside the corporate network and unable to access corporate resources without a VPN connection or be supported by help desk staff if a need arises.

IGEL is making it easy to overcome that risk with its newest version of IGEL OS 11.02, the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces.  Using the latest edition of the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG 2.01), IGEL OS adds secure shadowing to enable IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) administrators to manage and control IGEL-powered endpoints located in home offices, on the road, and any other locations outside the corporate network.  It allows sysadmins and help desk staff inside the corporate network to view an outside user’s desktop and interact with it over a secure, encrypted connection. That means all users can be supported, no matter where they may be working.

The IGEL administrative support for home and roaming users comes complete with granular policy control as well. Specifically, secure shadowing supports different shadowing permissions for different users and logs every instance of shadowing. IGEL OS-powered clients cannot be shadowed by any external 3rd party Virtual Network Computing (VNC) clients. Users can be prompted to allow or deny shadowing. This makes it a great, and secure, feature for enterprise users.

A view of the user’s desktop via IGEL ICG secure shadowing – now extended to home office workers, road warriors and other IGEL OS users outside the corporate network.


Finally, ICG 2.01 has also been greatly re-engineered under the hood. Its remote installer now runs on systems with either Python 2 or 3 installed.

IGEL OS 11 Expands Security, Interoperability and More

In addition to the new secure shadowing offered by the ICG, IGEL has added new functionality available in IGEL OS 11.02 extending native support for the 90Meter smart card library and a new PCoIP software client for multi-cloud access, additional clients and secure browsing. New features now available include:

  • 90meter smart card library support. IGEL OS 11.02 now supports Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), a system of interconnected computer networks used by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State to transmit classified information – even information classified as “Secret.” Leveraging SIPRNet, the 90meter smart card library enables high performance, advanced smart card reading and is now available directly via the IGEL License Portal (ILP).
  • Teradici PCoIP client support. Using the Teradici PCoIP software client with IGEL OS 11.02, users benefit from an efficient “multi-cloud on-ramp” connection to workspaces in public clouds including Amazon Workspaces, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • NCP Secure Enterprise client support. For environments using virtual private networks (VPNs), NCP Secure Enterprise Clients using IGEL OS 11.02 benefit from data encryption, multi-certificate and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) support for U.S. government computer security standards.
  • Ericom PowerTerm terminal emulator support. Offered free of charge for IGEL OS 11 users, support for Ericom PowerTerm terminal emulators can be enabled via the IGEL License Portal.
  • Extended headset support. An even more extensive portfolio of Jabra and Poly headsets are now supported. Jabra support also includes a firmware update tool.
  • Secure browsing. When using the current release of Firefox, with access to Yubikey when AppArmor is active, IGEL OS 11.02 provides strong two-factor authentication which conforms with the German Federal Office for Information Security’s IT-Grundschutz compliance regulation.

All these new security and interoperability features are available now and when migrating to IGEL OS 11. For users seeking to migrate, IGEL is currently offering two years of software maintenance for free.

Ready to try IGEL OS 11? Download it today:,  or visit with us at VMworld 2019 (plus, enter for a chance to win a Porsche Taycan). Learn more here:

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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