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IGEL DISRUPT Empower Webinar with Liquidware

IGEL DISRUPT Empower Webinar with Liquidware

October 26th sees Liquidware Senior Solutions Architect, Johnny Ma, discussing taking your apps to the edge!

Johnny is an EUC expert and works daily with our joint customers on architecting desktop virtualization and application delivery solutions. As a multiple CTA (Citrix Technology Advocate) he also leads Colorado’s Citrix User Group Community.

In this webinar, Johnny will share the power and flexibility of Liquidware’s application layering and delivery solution, FlexApp.

FlexApp is the most innovative app attachment layering market-leading solution for application delivery and portability.  There are a number of industry-first innovations that makes FlexApp the ‘go to’ solution for many of our customers. These innovations include:

  • FlexApp One – a self-contained app option that supports laptop use and deployment by any means, including Microsoft InTune, Nerdio Manager, VMware Workspace One and any cloud share. You can even use FlexApp One packages offline!
  • Packaging automation – perfect for organizations that have many hundreds of applications!
  • Compatibility – over 90% of apps can be delivered with FlexApp
  • Micro Isolation – no need to stack multiple applications into single layers. Instead, a single layer is created for each application, allowing for ultimate granularity in assigning apps to users, groups and machines.
  • Cloud-native FlexApps – applications can be stored natively on any major cloud (such as Microsoft Blob storage) without the expense or complications of file shares.
  • Session isolation – Multi-session Windows, RDS and Citrix Virtual Apps are no problem for FlexApp, users only see and use the apps they have access to, even on the same host!

So, that gives you a taste of what FlexApp can do, by attending the webinar Johnny will drill down into how FlexApp truly takes apps to the edge of end-user computing by supporting any Windows workspace; including Citrix, VMware, Windows AVD and physical devices.

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Jason E. Smith

VP of Alliances and Product Marketing
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