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IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: AuthX

IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: AuthX

IGEL DISRUPT 24 is less than two weeks away, and there is still time to register for

There is still time to register for this unique opportunity to engage with over 45 thought leaders and visionaries, including analysts and technology experts.

We continue the IGEL DISRUPT 24 sponsor interview series with Shreyas Swamy, Director of Product Engineering at AuthX. Read on for insights on AuthX’s partnership with IGEL and why they are excited to sponsor IGEL DISRUPT 24.

Tell us about your company and how you go to market with IGEL.

Shreyas Swamy: AuthX is an Identity and Access Management platform offering passwordless authentication features, including MFA and SSO, for robust security and efficiency. Our diverse authentication methods, such as Badge Tap, Mobile Push, Mobile Face-Verify, Biometric authentication, and more, enhance user satisfaction. It’s a perfect blend of security (an organization wants) and user experience (your workforce loves). It helps enterprises implement seamless user access processes, enabling end-user security across workstations, web, network, and mobile endpoints.

AuthX unifies login credentials, applications, and devices into a secure ecosystem, streamlining access to essential tools and data. Our cloud-based solution enables zero trust security, protecting networks and endpoints for organizations and their end-users. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as IGEL, Citrix, Epic and VMware further strengthen our commitment to enterprise security. For further details, please visit

Through our partnership with IGEL, AuthX provides identity management solutions that seamlessly integrate with IGEL’s infrastructure. Our authentication methods, including Badge Tap Access, Mobile Face Verification, and Biometric options, enhance security and user experience. We also support fast user switching and provide connection profiles for server access for Citrix, VMware, and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Our partnership with IGEL brings together AuthX’s innovative authentication technology with IGEL’s powerful endpoint management capabilities, promising improved productivity, security, and user experience.

How long have you been an IGEL partner?

Shreyas Swamy: We’ve been an IGEL partner for over a year, continuously collaborating to provide enhanced security and authentication solutions.

Do you have any examples of customers who have benefited from using your solution with IGEL?

Shreyas Swamy: AuthX has been significantly enhancing security and user experience for healthcare and manufacturing clients by providing frictionless access and simplifying IGEL desktop access. In collaboration with IGEL, AuthX fortifies security infrastructure and optimizes operations in manufacturing settings. Utilizing hassle-free authentication methods such as badge tap and biometric authentication, AuthX ensures robust security while streamlining workflow management. Our platform effectively protects against insider threats in manufacturing, restricting access to shared workstations to authorized personnel only. Integrated audit trails provide transparency and accountability in access management processes.

In the healthcare sector, ensuring both security and user experience is paramount. AuthX focuses on delivering a streamlined authentication experience for clinicians through passwordless methods such as badge tap, mobile face-verify, mobile push, biometrics, and more. This diversity of authentication options, whether through badge login or facial recognition, offers flexibility to healthcare professionals to access critical systems. Additionally, AuthX supports fast user switching, further boosting efficiency in healthcare workflows.

Through collaboration with IGEL, our solutions prioritize security and user experience, guaranteeing swift and secure access to IGEL desktops and connection profiles for Citrix, VMware, and RDP. By implementing frictionless authentication methods, AuthX and IGEL empower healthcare professionals to concentrate on patient care while upholding robust protection against cyber threats. AuthX and IGEL are reshaping the healthcare landscape by emphasizing security, simplicity, and user satisfaction.

Why did AuthX sponsor IGEL DISRUPT 24, and what are you most fired up about the event?

Shreyas Swamy: We chose to sponsor IGEL DISRUPT because it’s the leading event for EUC professionals. With a focus on education, inspiration, and market-leading insights, it aligns perfectly with our mission to empower organizations with seamless and secure access solutions. We’re fired up about the opportunity to engage with industry experts, showcase our innovative authentication methods, and explore the latest trends in the hybrid working world. From technical certifications to networking opportunities, DISRUPT offers a platform for meaningful connections and learning experiences that drive real-world impact.

What is your definition of a dream vacation, and why?

Shreyas Swamy: Being on any beach in the world with my daughter.

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Matt Lods

Matt Lods is IGEL Ready Operations Manager.
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