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Life on the Edge Season 2 Episode 2: Sustainability

Life on the Edge Season 2 Episode 2: Sustainability

IGEL’s Life on the Edge is a regular podcast series featuring key IGEL partners discussing the hottest topics in end user computing (EUC).

In episode I talk to Ewen Anderson who is the CIO of PX3.

Ewen starts with an overview of his career in which he has been working in IT for 30 years including some time as an IGEL partner. Four years ago, Ewen and his co-founder Justin Sutton Parker founded PX3 to address a gap they saw in the IT industry around independent science-based information on sustainability and IT.

We then look at what is sustainability and why it has become so important to companies. In fact, most companies annual reports now include sustainability as a strategic business objective.

We look at the pandemic and the impact it is had on the environment and how remote working is a key driver in reducing emissions.

We also investigate how EUC has a major impact on emissions and is responsible for 1% of Global emissions which is on a par with the airline industry which I thought was a shocking statistic.

We discuss the partnership with PX3 the work with one of IGEL’s customers and the environmental and cost savings they made by extending the life of existing devices and also how it saved the resources because 3,120 new devices were not manufactured.

We review how efficient the hyperscale data centres are and how from an environmental perspective it makes sense to move your local workloads from your own “Data Centre” to the cloud. In fact, running those workloads in the cloud can be 7 times more efficient than running locally.

To quote Ewen Green IT can be Great IT!

To conclude we look at companies’ sustainability goals and how Ewen would like to see net zero embedded into all companies as a strategy.

We need to make the consumption of excess electricity  and disposable of devices as socially unacceptable as smoking has become.

You can see further information on sustainability and the details of the report at: IGEL Sustainability – Join the Revolution – IGEL


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James O'Regan

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