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1E DEX platform

1E helps IT teams improve end user experience, enhance security, reduce costs, and evolve IT Operations.

Traditionally, remediation, security, and compliance are distinct problems from digital employee experience. But in reality, bad experiences cause your employees to find ways around the IT friction that disrupts their productivity; A great employee experience is frictionless with advanced remediation, automation practices that are not only transparent, but additive to the end user experience. 

1E real-time platform autonomously finds and remediates issues before they affect end users, ensuring that services and access are configured correctly and available when the employee needs them. Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is the strategic focus on improving the technology experiences of employees across their entire day. 1E provides visibility, control, and compliance capabilities that help IT teams improve end-user experience, tighten security and reduce costs.

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Product Details

1E helps IT deliver frustration-free technology

The platform proactively surfaces issues, remediates them with automation, measures end user sentiment, and provides an overall DEX score. The result is a new level of empathy between IT and employees, better experiences every day, and more employees doing their best work.

1E’s real-time capabilities tighten security and compliance while—uniquely—also improving experience.

The platform gives true confidence around endpoint compliance as drift is fixed in real-time and allows IT departments to respond to vulnerabilities within minutes not days or weeks.  

1E is the only technology that delivers DEX with a hard ROI. 

1E’s modern automation and deep integrations radically lower the costs of service desk operations, endpoint estate management, and responding to business priorities. 


Better Experience

Sentiment: 1E gives businesses qualitative feedback from all employees about their digital employee experience.

Automation: 1E’s self-healing technology scales single-user fixes into enterprise-wide remediation to stop emerging problems before they spread.

Self-Service: 1E allows users to self-serve apps, configure changes, and more, in real-time, when they need them, rather than a tedious and drawn-out process.

Troubleshooting: 1E gives IT tools to  resolve issues quickly without invasive, disruptive screen sharing sessions.

More Secure

Visibility & Control: 1E provides real-time visibility of device status and configuration, and allows instant reconfiguration, which is crucial when responding to zero-day vulnerabilities.

Patch: 1E’s Patch Insights delivers accurate patch status across the estate and recommends the best path to compliance.

Privileged Access: 1E makes it easy for users to request real-time exceptions to security controls (to install software, add printers, access USB, etc.) then instantly bounce back to normal security levels.

Compliance: 1E ensures continuous and real-time compliance to OS security controls and third-party security tool availability.

Business aligned

Self Healing: 1E gives enterprises the power of self-healing, so they can proactively fix IT issues as they occur. This reduces IT cost and maintains user productivity. 

Self Healing: 1E gives enterprises the power of self-healing, so they can proactively fix IT issues as they occur. This reduces IT cost and maintains user productivity. 

Self-Service: 1E enables real-time self-service, delivering the experience users expect. This prevents delays and productivity interruption. 


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