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Mobile Landline called “Mobiles Festnetz”

VoiP telephony for your business

"Mobiles Festnetz" - a perfect mobile VoiP telephony for companies.
This modern telephony system has been developed by our own,
providing the necessary flexibility the companies need nowadays.
It combines the benefits of beeing reachable everywhere.
A telephone device isn't necessary any longer because of using a
modern cloud.
Additionally it offers a high price advantage in contrast to the standard
ISDN-telephone device.

"Mobiles Festnetz" has been optimized for the IGEL hardware
in connection with Citrix!

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Product Details

VoiP telephone service for your company:
– High mobility by the landline number on your smartphone
– Individually scalable – from workspace to workspace
– Astonishing cost reduction
– More than 150 features
– Fast and easy setup
– 100% secure by 2 redundant hosted data centers in Austria


Mobile landline – the advantages with the VoiP telephony:
– Free internal calls
– Affordable VoiP tarrifs worldwide
– No investment costs
– Free updates
– IGEL optimization pack for Citrix
NEW MS TEAMS and ZOOM integration

Case examples:
– Finance bank company Bawag PSK
– NGO Wiener Hilfswerk
– Retail companies like Electronic4You, A.B.S. factoring or King Bill
– Hotels like Thermenhotel Loipersdorf and 4Jahreszeiten
– several communities like Bischofshofen

100% customer satisfaction

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