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Texas senior healthcare and rehabilitation services provider taps IGEL to improve security and manageability of endpoints


Since 1978, Foursquare Healthcare has taken pride in providing its guests with exemplary care by seasoned professionals in comfortable environments across the state of Texas. A privatelyowned company, Foursquare Healthcare operates high quality senior healthcare and rehabilitation centers, blending the seriousness of the healthcare business with a warmhearted spirit that reflects the local Texas communities it serves.

“No other vendor comes close to what IGEL has to offer in terms of management, functionality and ease-of-use. The customization capabilities available through the IGEL Universal Management Suite are like no other.”

Jeff PatelIT Director, Foursquare Healthcare


The Customer

  • Foursquare Healthcare, a network of Texas based senior healthcare and rehabilitation centers

The Challenge

  • Deploying a standardized operating systems and endpoint security and optimization solution on 300+ Citrix VDI endpoints located across 8 locations

The Solution

  • IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC)
  • IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)
  • IGEL UD Pocket
  • IGEL Universal Desktop (UD2)

Key Benefits

  • Ease of management
  • Seamless deployment
  • Improved resource allocation and cost savings
  • Consistent and secure end-user experience

Endpoint security and optimization Places Strain on IT; Drives Need for Remedy

Foursquare Healthcare has a fleet of 300+ 10ZiG hardware-based endpoints, touch-screen computers and laptop computers. The healthcare provider is also leveraging Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for application and desktop delivery to its end-users, who were primarily using their endpoints to access Microsoft Office, healthcare and EMR applications. “As our organization grew, we were finding that the amount of time spent managing our endpoints had increased dramatically,” said Jeff Patel, IT Director, Foursquare Healthcare. “We needed to find a way to simplify this process in a way that would also help us save time and reduce the strain that had been placed on our IT resources. A colleague at another healthcare provider that was doing a pilot with IGEL recommended them to us, and we are so happy they did.”

“I plugged the UD Pocket into one of our endpoints and it worked exactly like they said it would. It was so easy to boot the IGEL OS on our existing hardware. I left it running on the machine and no one said a word during the duration of the test. It was such a seamless
experience that we knew right away IGEL was the solution for us.”

IGEL’s Software-Defined Solutions Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Patel met with IGEL’s Texas-based sales and preengineering sales team, which provided Patel with a demo of the solution. Following that meeting, Patel received an IGEL UD Pocket micro endpoint that he used to test the IGEL OS, IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) and IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) at Foursquare Healthcare. “I plugged the UD Pocket into one of our endpoints and it worked exactly like they said it would,” said Patel. “It was so easy to boot the IGEL OS on our existing hardware. I left it running on the machine and no one said a word during the duration of the test. It was such a seamless experience that we knew right away IGEL was the solution for us.” Foursquare Healthcare began its deployment of the IGEL OS, IGEL UDC and IGEL UMS in Q1’18 and currently has one of its 8 locations fully-deployed with IGEL. “More licenses are on the way so that we can begin expanding our deployment to other locations,” said Patel. “Immediate results with IGEL include significant time savings and ease of management. This is reducing strain on our IT resources and freeing up my team to focus on more strategic initiatives. Another benefit of the IGEL solution has been a more consistent and secure end-user experience.”

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