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Supporting Quotes – IGEL Velocity Partner Program Launch

IGEL channel partners share their insights on the significance of the IGEL Velocity Partner Program announcement

Bytes Software Services are proud of their extensive Modern Workplace offering, IGEL is an important part of the solutions we offer. We are pleased to be part of their new Velocity Partner Program, we look forward to working with IGEL and our other EUC technologies to provide improved user experience, enhanced security and reduced costs.”

~ Peter Ely, EUC Practice Lead, Bytes Software Services


“IGEL is a valued Connection partner. We are excited about how the Velocity Partner Program can help us expand our business with IGEL.”

~ Tim Burns, Vice President of Product Management, Connection


“I came to know IGEL through Adam Brush in 2014 when he and I sat down at HIMSS with Jeff Kalberg. At that time, Coretek was very heavy into US-based healthcare, building clinical workflows and swapping out legacy PCs for Dell thin clients. Thousands and thousands of Dell Xenith and D10D’s flowed through our Services Teams. While thin clients made it easy, they didn’t eliminate the management complexity entirely. It was difficult to introduce the new features of a Citrix, Microsoft or VMware protocol due to those OEM client versions needing to be integrated into Dell ThinOS. This made upgrades more cumbersome and difficult managing through multiple panes of glass for different devices types. Coretek Signed the Partner Agreement with IGEL in 2014, after we tested their UDC conversion product.  We converted every x86 device we could find, and by 2015 IGEL was Coretek’s only go-to-market in the edge computing space. Once of the core Integration Coretek depended on back then was key integrations into Imprivata OneSign and ProveID Embedded. Most if not all implementations that Coretek was involved in were Imprivata and Citrix, IGEL’s Core Integrations into these ISV Partners was critical and what made the decision easy. Now Seeing IGEL evolve under the leadership of Jed Ayres and Simon Clephan, with additional Core integrations like Lakeside, Teams and Zoom, Nerdio, NVIDIA, LoginVSI, PrinterLogic, RFIdea’s and WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) that align with our strategic partners for a more perfect union. We here at Coretek are excited to be apart of the IGEL Partner Community and looking forward to driving innovation to our customers and solutions!”

~ Brian Barnes, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Coretek 


“What we like most about teaming with IGEL is the ability to leverage their knowledge, expertise and relationships they hold across the EUC space. Their alliances with AWS, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware proved to be invaluable in 2020 as the world moved to remote work and hybrid work environments to slow the spread of the global pandemic. Together, we were able to uncover new opportunities for our clients to leverage IGEL OS within these environments, which contributed to our continued growth and success, despite the challenges we all faced together. We have the utmost respect for the IGEL team, and are very excited about the changes they are making through IGEL Velocity to help drive success for us, and our clients.”

~ Mike Strohl, CEO, Entisys360


“IGEL has the right people in place who understand what our clients want. They have the right perspective that allows them to continue to innovate the IGEL OS for new technologies such as Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, and allow partnerships with vendors who innovate their hardware such as the recent nComputing ARM based Raspberry Pi announcement and their ongoing integration with LG. Finally they have passion and #BELIEVE in their people, their clients and their partners, which makes them one of the best companies to partner with in the EUC space.”

~ Al Solorzano, Vice President, End User Computing, Entisys360


“It’s no longer about simple thin clients. IGEL has advanced the conversation to what customers critically need — a secure, high-performance, and managed endpoint solution that is adaptable to how clients today are required to embrace a distributed workforce environment post pandemic. The new IGEL Velocity partner program adds value to my business while removing cost. Typical programs such as MDF, rebates, business planning and training are elevated by IGEL to ensure we increase operational efficiencies across sales revenue, engineering and business development. We consider IGEL a core business partner now and in the future.”

~ Paul Kunze, Vice President, IntraSystems


NetPlans system house group have been partnering with IGEL Technology  for more than 10 years. During this time, we have gained a valuable and strategically important business partner for our customers and ourselves. The market and our customers appreciate the advantages of the IGEL OS and the simplification of administration through the use of the IGEL UMS. Due to our cloud and healthcare specialisation in the market, the IGEL ecosystem with its more than 90 technology partners provides us with solid support for future projects with our end customers. In addition, we enjoy the good partner support in the channel and the proximity to our colleagues at the development site in Augsburg. Furthermore, we work closely on innovative strategies/solutions in the area of MS AZURE/WVD including Unified Communications, Remote Work and Home Office in order to further expand the service concept on this exciting journey. The NetPlans system house group is looking forward to further collaboration with IGEL Technology and the joint projects of our end customers on their cloud journey.”

~ Sebastian Unser, Managing Director, NetPlans GmbH


“We build Modern Workplace solutions that are fast, secure and reliable – and above all, address the needs of the business. IGEL has been a reliable partner from the very beginning and keeps adding more value to our offering. (Almost all of) Our customers are working in hybrid, multi-cloud environments. An endpoint solution that is innovative, secure, and cost efficient, while at the same time suited for all major backend platforms brings real and immediate value. It enables us to provide a unified solution to customers that have multiple virtual workplace offerings from different vendors across different clouds. Its rich ecosystem of embedded ‘IGEL Ready’ partner technologies and the robust IGEL OS, makes IGEL the top vendor in the endpoint market. We plan on expanding our partnership even further in the future!”

~ Dieter Boonen, Co-Founder, Nimble


“As we move into a new year, Sirius is excited to continue our partnership with IGEL. IGEL provides a fantastic next gen edge operating system for clients, and is also partner friendly. The new IGEL Velocity Partner Program allows Sirius to further differentiate itself in the end user computing and cloud workspace areas, and we look forward to achieving advanced specialization and applying those skills while deploying solutions for our clients to meet their on-prem cloud and hybrid needs.”

 ~ Scott Williams, Senior Director Client Success, Sirius


“SVA has already relied on a focused and strategic partnership with IGEL for almost ten years and can look back on a large number of successful projects and satisfied customers. IGEL solutions will continue to occupy an important place in SVA’s end-user computing portfolio and in strategic consulting on the topic of digital workspace. In particular, IGEL’s orientation as a software manufacturer as well as the cooperation with various IGEL Ready Partners – here especially the strategic cooperation with Microsoft (including WVD) – are important parameters for a sustainable positioning in the digital workplace environment. Especially the current Corona situation shows that IGEL has answers to the essential challenges for the provision, connection and secure administration of remote workstations. Thus, together with IGEL, we will continue to design the right solutions for the most diverse customer requirements in the future.”

~ Stefan Müller, Head of Business Line End User Computing, SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH


“The partnership between T4CHANGE and IGEL is one we truly believe and invest in. Their way of managing endpoints is simple, smart, secure and enables fast delivery of cloud workspaces. It offers our customers an easy way to manage their endpoints with a positive impact on the overall user experience and helps reducing costs.  Their tremendous ecosystem offers technologies that integrate seamlessly out of the box that customers can use and can be deployed easily. We believe in best of breed technologies for our customers and IGEL really ticks that box!”

~ Mike Cobussen, Managing Consultant, T4Change


“With the proliferation of digital workspaces, mobility, and cloud, the traditional moat and castle approach to IT security is fundamentally broken and only made worse by a general neglect around endpoints operating systems.  Often, IT makes significant investments in wrapping cloud and on-premises data centers with security solutions, yet overlook endpoints spread throughout the business.  Endpoints with a large attack surface, which hold the keys to the castle, and which are increasingly being exploited as the path of least resistance. IT must refocus efforts to bolster endpoint security while avoiding complexity and increased operational overhead.  It’s time we stop ignoring the endpoint.  This is where the core capabilities of IGEL OS shine – a simple, smart, and secure approach to revitalizing endpoint security, minimizing risk to the business, while alleviating demand on IT, and maintaining a positive employee experience. At Third Octet, we are extremely proud to be a part of IGEL’s continued success, represent Canada as an Elite partner, and continue to provide our customers – current and future – with the ideal endpoint OS for today’s modern workforce.”

~ Matthew Metelsky, CEO, Third Octet Inc.



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