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A Winning Combination: IGEL OS and Citrix Workspace

A Winning Combination: IGEL OS and Citrix Workspace

IGEL OS has revolutionized end user computing. Purpose built for virtual environments, including Citrix Workspace, it has revolutionized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) making it simple to manage and efficient to use.

The partnership between IGEL and Citrix runs deep. Both are proven disrupters, delivering feature rich cloud workspaces for businesses and customers. Consider these reasons Citrix thought leaders find the combination of IGEL and Citrix Workspace to be a powerfully winning combination.

Vishal Ganeriwala, Senior Director Product Marketing Services, Citrix comments,

“IGEL has been a great partner of Citrix for many years. Citrix brings in solutions around VDI and virtualization then IGEL provides all the expertise to our customers in terms of thin clients. IGEL provides us with a flexible and low-cost option and IGEL OS actually enables our customers to reuse their old PCs and make VDI and virtualization really simple on those devices.”

IGEL’s endpoint solutions can seamlessly integrate with Citrix Workspace while offering a simple platform for the end-user, particularly in combination with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop.

James Hsu, Technical Alliances Director, Global Strategic Alliances, Citrix says,

“I think what is important is that Citrix have a lot of integration with Microsoft Azure in terms of deployment of the workload and IGEL is a great endpoint solution that complements our solutions. With Citrix as a delivery solution, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop as a platform and IGEL as an endpoint, the customer will have a rich user experience.”

Watch their comments on this video, “What Makes IGEL OS and the Citrix Workspace App a Winning Combination” – Part 1

Utilization of cloud technologies can be adopted at a faster rate with IGEL and Citrix working together along with Windows Virtual Desktop. Users can trust that their experience with be efficient and secure from any devices they choose to utilize. IGEL partners concur.

Ashley Barlow, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant at Axess Systems says,

“Windows Virtual Desktops, IGEL and Citrix working as a trio of partnerships is allowing us to get faster adoption to cloud workspaces along with getting our users to utilize cloud workspaces via Microsoft Azure. This is allowing users to have a central point of configuration and security, so their device is very familiar to them and regardless of where they’re logging in from it makes it very easy for the customer.” 

Ron Lish, CEO, Cortek Services says simply,

“IGEL is in a great space because they work with Windows Virtual Desktop directly and/or with Citrix. Matter of fact they are the only play in a Windows Virtual Desktop tin client.”

Watch them in this video, “What Makes IGEL OS and the Citrix Workspace App a Winning Combination” – Part 2

Citrix Workspace is among the vast array of remote display protocols and over 85+ technology integrations supported by IGEL OS. Learn more here.

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