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Dealing with Dirty Endpoints: How Bad Can It Be?

Dealing with Dirty Endpoints: How Bad Can It Be?

Tens of thousands of users shifting to work from home, overnight? That means enabling users to work from any device they have on hand – and we mean Any Device!

This is the challenge IT teams everywhere have had to deal with during this pandemic. You wouldn’t believe the stories we’ve heard! Old, dirty endpoints being deployed to access work apps and data.

IT needs to deliver apps, desktops and all of their users’ data to remote users. Even with the power of Citrix Workspace, users need to have a managed and secure endpoint. But, just powering up any home device to work from home is a risk.

How bad can it be? Watch IGEL’s Video Entry in the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2020 – then cast your vote! See the trailer below:

Citrix Workspace is great, but it can’t enable secure, compliant data access if users are working on old devices with unpatched versions of Windows or without antivirus protection. And without consistent endpoint management, policy control and compliance can’t be ensured. The only way to overcome this is by turning fat clients – even those that are old and unpatched – into cloud-ready devices that can enable easy access to Citrix. The answer? IGEL.

The IGEL OS delivers a great user experience and gets users directly into their Citrix Workspace where they can work seamlessly and securely, accessing their apps and desktops. It also offers centralized management for IT through the IGEL UMS – even up to thousands of endpoints.  Plus, it’s a read-only OS, so it’s virtually un-hackable.

Easily delivered to home users with the plug-and-play IGEL UD Pocket USB device, all users have do is insert it into their home device and access to Citrix is ready to go.

Voila, dirty endpoints are safe. And users can resume work, from home, with peace of mind.

Watch the video then cast your vote for the IGEL “Users with Dirty Endpoints” video in the Citrix Ready Spotlight video Contest 2020.

Carl Gersh

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