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DISRUPT 2020: IGEL and VDI Security

DISRUPT 2020: IGEL and VDI Security

Avoid the VDI Security Problem Most Customers Experience

Reducing security vulnerability at the endpoint is a primary reason many companies explore virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) adoption. However, comprehensive endpoint protection isn’t a “one and done” proposition. For a truly secure VDI enterprise, there is much more to consider.

Join me for my upcoming DISRUPT 2020 Nashville presentation, “IGEL and VDI Security.” In this must-attend breakout session I will be reviewing top VDI security considerations, best practices and techniques you can employ for the secure endpoint environment you and your customers need to reduce the attack surface at the network edge and minimize security risk.

I’ll cover the VDI security problem that most customers experience, and how to avoid it. Plus, I’ll discuss the use of different thin clients, including HP, Dell, IGEL and Stratodesk, and how they each impact your security profile. Finally, I’ll explore the security advantages of IGEL and its pre-installed security features (including modular partitions, auto log-off, VNC Secure Mode and more), as well as IGEL’s secure Chain of Trust functionality.

During my DISRUPT 2020 session, I will also be sharing my experiences from over 12 years as an IT consultant specializing in security, VDI, Citrix, VMware and IGEL. As principal consultant for VDISEC and a recognized Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert, I have been hands-on with thousands of information security and end user computing implementations. I’ve learned that VDI deployments risk security exposure without proper protections and security design. That’s why I founded to give back to the VDI community and have developed “The VDI Lockdown Guide” book project to showcase the range of practices companies need to consider to protect against security threats.

Don’t put your VDI environment at risk. Sign up to attend DISRUPT 2020 Nashville and join me for a very instructive session on establishing comprehensive endpoint protection for a secure VDI enterprise.

Patrick Coble

Patrick has been working in IT for 22 years and as a consultant for over 12 years. He has been awarded the Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert designations based on his experience in Security, VDI solutions and his community support through speaking engagements across the world on Security and VDI topics. Patrick has also founded to help give back to the community that has given so much to him. He documents and shares his insights into VDI Security through his many speeches and blogs. Thanks to IGEL for supporting his book, “The VDI Lockdown Guide,” project and what they do for the EUC community.
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