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IGEL Announces Zero Day Support for Latest Intel Microcode Updates

IGEL Announces Zero Day Support for Latest Intel Microcode Updates

No one’s code is perfect! Remember Spectre and Meltdown? The fact is that 100% secure code is just not possible. However, a speedy response to these and other emerging threats makes all the difference when it comes to securing the endpoint.

That’s why IGEL is pleased to share the news that we are offering zero-day support, with IGEL UD2 and UD6 endpoints, for the Intel microcode M01406C4411 (for UD2) and M0C30678_838 (for UD6), announced today in their latest security notification.

“With support for Intel’s latest microcode updates, IGEL is enabling our mutual partners and customers to close the door quickly on security threats,” said Alec Gefrides, General Manager, Retail Division, Intel. “ IGEL excels at providing security solutions for cloud workspaces, and we place tremendous value on our partnership with their team in bringing to market innovative endpoint solutions for the enterprise.”

At IGEL, we all know that when it comes to security, we have to be faster and more responsive than the bad guys. To that end, IGEL’s secure “chain of trust” begins with the UEFI secure boot, available through IGEL OS, and goes all the way through to the virtualization session in the datacenter.  Being secure is one thing, being up-to-date is another; so IGEL endpoints, wherever they are, can be updated with a simple “drag and drop” operation from a central management console to prevent the next wave of attacks.

Update Instructions

IGEL OS users need not update the BIOS/UEFI. Instead, the microcode released by Intel will be applied at boot time by IGEL OS.

  • IGEL OS 11: Update to IGEL OS 11.03.580 or newer.
  • IGEL OS 10: Update to IGEL OS 10.06.180 or newer.

Let us show you today how we are helping our partners and customers protect mission critical data and applications and the endpoint. For more information view the security notice posted on the IGEL Knowledge Base.


Mathias Huber

Mathias Huber is a Senior Product Security Manager at IGEL.
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