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IGEL OS 11.06 Enables Amazon WorkSpaces Customers to Do More

IGEL OS 11.06 Enables Amazon WorkSpaces Customers to Do More

IGEL and AWS have announced that IGEL OS 11.06 includes Amazon WorkSpaces 3.1.9 as an integrated solution. As trivial as this may sound, this is a milestone for remote work that helps solve a myriad of business challenges:

  • Creates an end-to-end solution to WorkSpaces with IGEL covering the last-mile to the end-user and their device
  • Reduces the attack surface of a user’s device with a read-only, minimal Linux solution: IGEL OS
  • Ensures the Amazon WorkSpaces experience is the focus inside IGEL OS, purpose-built for WorkSpaces

This milestone also will help prospective Amazon WorkSpaces and IGEL customers by ensuring a free trial of IGEL OS and WorkSpaces for 30-days. Don’t wait, try  WorkSpaces on IGEL today!

So why WorkSpaces on IGEL? Let’s look at a few points.

2020: The Year that Changed Everything

The year that was 2020 changed everything for work. Remote work, or ‘work-from-anywhere’ became mainstream and enterprises have rushed to pivot. This isn’t news. 2021 and beyond will now push enterprises to define their remote work policies. Some of these key challenges include:

  • Increase security
  • Reduce technical overhead
  • Create a better user experience

The question remains: How are you solving remote work for your users?

Enabling an end-to-end solution with Amazon WorkSpaces

The answer to remote work is not a single silver bullet, but a posture of enterprise-ready technologies built on solid partnerships. IGEL officially partnered with AWS earlier this year when Amazon WorkSpaces launched on IGEL OS. This created an end-to-end solution that secured the last mile of a user’s Amazon WorkSpaces experience.

IGEL OS 11.06 will take its integration with Amazon WorkSpaces to the next level with being the first mainstream IGEL OS release to incorporate this functionality. Senior Product Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces. Lihao Wang said:

“I am pleased to announce that the IGEL and (the Amazon) WorkSpaces teams have successfully validated and signed off on the technical readiness of the first major update to our joint solution, which includes the latest Amazon WorkSpaces Linux client 3.1.9 integrated into IGEL OS 11.06”

He continues:

 “This major update brings many (Amazon) WorkSpaces audio and pixel streaming enhancements to our rapidly growing mutual customer base, further driving market penetration with the joint offering.”

The Future of Remote Work is Hybrid

As we all adjust to this new landscape, Gartner is also helping companies focus on these new work trends. Titled “9 Future of Work Trends Post-COVID-19” Gartner shares some of the following highlights related to how IGEL and AWS are driving end-user hybrid work:

  • 48% of employees will work remotely at least part time
  • Employers are looking to expand their responsibilities on financial, physical, and mental well-being (building a better experience)
  • Encouraging critical skills to be developed internally
  • Designing organizations for resilience over efficiency

Just as Gartner sees the future of work changing, IGEL and AWS are creating secure solutions to align to this new reality. In short, it’s simple: Ensure an end-to-end secure work-from-anywhere solution that enables users to access their data and applications on their terms.

Come and try the future of work with IGEL and Amazon WorkSpaces!


Mike Barmonde

Business Development Manager at IGEL Technology

Carl Gersh

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