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IGEL’s Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Design

IGEL’s Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Design

Celebrating Earth Day this Week, IGEL Shares how it Maximizes Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction

IGEL’s next-generation endpoint architecture offers modern, secure endpoints designed for virtual desktops and cloud workspaces. The IGEL UD2 device combined with IGEL Workspace Edition software comprise an economical and highly effective solution for the future workplace.

IGEL and the Environment

IGEL’s innovative engineering, design, production, and packaging conserve energy through maximum energy efficiency and waste reduction.

  • The IGEL UD2 has 50% less volume versus the predecessor model, reducing CO2 footprint for material and transportation as well as electronic waste.
  • The UD2 chassis is made from 30% recycled plastics, leading to less material and less paint; cardboard packaging is completely out of recycled materials.
  • Maximum energy efficiency for minimum energy consumption according to Energy Star.
  • IGEL endpoints typically stay fully operational up to 3x longer than standard PCs. IGEL offers up to 5 years of warranty with device registration.
  • The IGEL UD Pocket also repurposes existing hardware, reducing electronic waste and extending the life of existing hardware with positive impacts on the environment.

IGEL has a long tradition of offering industry-leading endpoint devices and software for end user computing and the consumption of cloud workspaces. The IGEL UD2 and UD Pocket are just two examples of how IGEL continuously strives to offer great products that are also earth-friendly.

Energy Star Status

The IGEL UD2 has fulfilled ENERGY STAR program requirements product specification for Computers, Version 7.1

Energy Star Benefits:

“ENERGY STAR certified computers will use, on average, approximately 50% less energy than standard desktop computers. If all desktop computers sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, the cost savings would grow to nearly $300 million each year and nearly 5 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented, equivalent to the emissions from nearly 500 thousand vehicles.”

Try it out! Request an evaluation kit.


IGEL UD2 Datasheet

IGEL UD Pocket Datasheet

Michail Maridakis

Michail is a product management leader in IGEL, responsible for the IGEL endpoint portfolio. Before that he had senior roles in R&D and product management at FUJITSU.
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