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Business continuity, remote working and workspace agility have become a critical business priority as organizations look to enable their workforce access to desktops, applications, and data from remote locations. IGEL’s Work From Home Kit provides everything you need to deploy, manage, and secure IGEL OS to thousands of users, regardless of where they work.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) enables organisations to rapidly deploy Windows desktops and business line applications in a consistent, secure and performant way. VDI and DaaS is helping organisations not just enable work from home strategies, but enable employees to work from anywhere. Solutions from Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and Amazon offer both on-premises and cloud-delivered solutions. While these solutions offer new ways to deploy desktops and applications, organisations still require a secure and easy to manage endpoint.

The IGEL Work from home kit

An IGEL UD Pocket
The IGEL Universal Management Suite
Enteprise Management Pack which includes the IGEL Cloud Gateway
12 months Maintenance


By moving Windows desktop workloads from the endpoint into the cloud, IT is able to deploy, manage and secure desktops far easier than when Windows is installed on the endpoint.  VDI and DaaS deliver a consistent workspace for employees regardless of where they work. Working remotely raises security concerns, particularly when it comes to the endpoint.


While VDI and DaaS ensure that applications and data are not running locally, many organisations still require the need to have visibility of the endpoint and ensure that it is secure. Managing and securing Windows on the endpoint, which is outside the corporate network creates further challenges when it comes to Windows updates and patching. Managing Windows in both the VDI/DaaS environment and at the edge arguably is counter initiative.


The IGEL OS is an operating system designed to provide a great user experience and yet significantly reduce the cost of managing endpoints. Purpose-built on Linux with support for VDI and DaaS connectivity, IGEL OS provides employees with a secure workspace, turning any x86 device into an IGEL endpoint.  Thousands of IGEL endpoints can be managed simultaneously and configured from one central management platform. Deploying the IGEL OS is simple and helps extend the life of existing endpoints or those running ‘end of life’ operating systems like Windows XP or Windows 7. Even existing 3rd party thin clients can run IGEL OS.

UD Pocket

The IGEL UD Pocket is a “live USB key” which allows the IGEL OS to run directly from USB. Employees can utilise the same benefits of the IGEL OS and yet dual boot keeping the underlying operating system intact. With support for over 90 technologies, the UD Pocket can be shipped out to remote workers and enable pre-configured providing instant access to VDI or DaaS Cloud workspaces. The UD Pocket enables any unmanaged, insecure device to become a secure, managed workspace.


The IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) allows IT to manage thousands of IGEL endpoints from a single interface. The UMS allows configurations, updates and policies to be deployed at scale and allows shadowing of the endpoint through the initiative interface. The IGEL Cloud Gateway, (ICG) provides a virtual appliance which secures the connections between the UMS and the IGEL endpoints allowing IGEL endpoints outside the network to be managed. Combined the UMS and ICG enables IT management of remote workers.


The recent move to work remotely and communicate with colleagues has led to increased use of unified communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Ring Central. While some of the VDI/DaaS platforms offer support for these applications inside the virtualized desktop, IGEL’ custom partition support allows certain 3rd party applications to be installed natively on the IGEL OS. This can allow employees to access web-based applications such as Office 365 and communication tools outside of the VDI / DaaS environment.

Free Access to Nerdio Manager for WVD with the IGEL Work from Home kit.

The perfect solution amid a work from home climate, Nerdio Manager for WVD is an all-PaaS packaged Azure application that runs in your own tenant without ever compromising security and compliance by allowing third-party access to your environment.  

  • Deploy a complete WVD environment in an afternoon without any PowerShell scripting. 
  • Save money with advanced auto-scaling and unified image management. 
  • Enable your help desk to manage all aspects of WVD with a powerful and intuitive portal. 

Find Nerdio Manager for WVD in the Azure Marketplace and start your free trial today: or receive 3 month evaluations licences with every IGEL Work from Home Kit

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