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Life on the Edge Episode 2: End User Experience with Login VSI and IGEL

Life on the Edge Episode 2: End User Experience with Login VSI and IGEL

IGEL’s Life on the Edge is a regular podcast series featuring key IGEL partners discussing the hottest topics in end user computing (EUC). In my latest podcast, Episode 2, I speak to Mark Plettenburg who is a Senior Product Manager at Login VSI about the importance of user experience and what kind of impact the pandemic had on the productivity of employees working from home.

If you don’t already know him, Mark is an EUC veteran and has been awarded Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert EUC. He is also one of the leads on the annual VDI Like a Pro survey which can be found here.


During Covid, millions of people needed to work from home. But what sort of user experience do they have?

In the interview Mark and I discuss the concept of end user experience. We try to define what that is and how it has evolved. Mark outlines how Login VSI’s solutions in conjunction with IGEL can help monitor and measure end user experience. These metrics have become vital to organizations as they work to determine the experience their users have while working remotely.

For more background, Login VSI, as an IGEL Ready partner, and IGEL have partnered in the development of an integration which provides a radical new way to deploy the Login VSI synthetic user technology to endpoints worldwide. The solution provides continuous endpoint testing to monitor the digital workspace and to ensure users always have a great experience despite the constant change in EUC technology. For more information, read this blog. It shares how using Login Enterprise with IGEL delivers ease of use, lower cost and enhanced end user experience management, even within constantly changing environments.

Also check out this webinar on IGEL Community “How to Deal with The Non-Stop Rate of Change of The Workspace”


Watch the Life on the Edge Podcast Episode 2 Here:


Stay tuned for our next Life on the Edge podcast. Episode 3 will focus on monitoring remote endpoints and features ControlUp. In the episode, I chat with Trentent Tye and Shay Gadidi about how IGEL and ControlUp can help monitor and manage remote endpoints. During the episode Trentent runs through a live demo of Control Up’s new technologies Remote DX and Edge DX.

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James O'Regan

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