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NetApp Jumps into VDI with CloudJumper Acquisition

NetApp Jumps into VDI with CloudJumper Acquisition

Well Played NetApp. Here at IGEL, we couldn’t be more thrilled with your acquisition of CloudJumper. This is huge boost for the VDI business as a whole, and personally, I’m excited about the new possibilities this brings for IGEL in the coming weeks and months.

As our CEO, Jed Ayres told CRN, “This deal is the first of many that are going to come as the largest technology companies move to get into the VDI game in a bigger way.”

The fact is, as an increasing number of desktop workloads transition to the cloud, it will be more important than ever for customers to have an integrated offering, and Azure NetApp files together with CloudJumper makes a Windows Virtual Desktop deployment sing.

With Microsoft launching Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) last year, we are seeing the maturation of VDI in the workplace. IGEL is proud to have been the first Linux OS to be verified to work with WVD, and not a moment too soon, now that we’ve experienced a massive pivot with billions of knowledge workers now working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technologies like CloudJumper only make it easier to get cloud-based workspace solutions like WVD and Azure to remote workers. And, with sales of VDI accelerating due to the pandemic, we see WVD as becoming the de facto way to consume Windows and Windows applications.

We applaud NetApp for your leadership in this space, and for recognizing the value that CloudJumper will bring to your business. This is a visionary move that will place you at the forefront of the expansion of VDI across the enterprise, and IGEL is looking forward to further aligning our efforts with yours and expanding our relationship with NetApp through this acquisition.



Casey Cheyne

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