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Delivering Seamless, Rapid and Secure Access to Clinical Apps

Delivering Seamless, Rapid and Secure Access to Clinical Apps

Delivering Seamless, Rapid, and Secure Access to Clinical Apps and Patient Information

Every year in May, the world marks International Nurses Day in recognition of the tireless and invaluable contribution of nurses to healthcare. International Nurses Day marks the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. Known as the ‘Lady with the Lamp,’ and considered the founder of modern nursing, she still stands as an example of the importance of the profession today. On this day we celebrate the hard work and contributions of our nurses and consider what role technology plays in enabling this most vital workforce in healthcare.

Nurses and healthcare professionals need rapid and reliable access to medical records and clinical apps on-demand as they move between appointments, rooms, or even clinics. Unfortunately, technology can often be more of a hindrance than a help when incompatible systems can slow access and increase user frustration. True interoperability in healthcare IT solutions can alleviate some of the daily challenges at the point of care.

Intelligent workflows empower nurses to put patient care back in focus.

Innovative technology solutions that streamline workflows are achieved through partnerships and collaboration. Healthcare IT Administrators must decipher a vast array of healthcare technologies to select the optimal and intelligent solution to empower nurses, clinicians, physicians and emergency care professionals.  Selecting and implementing a solution providing real value to its users by alleviating daily pain points is no easy task.

Citrix and IGEL have collaborated for over two decades and combine with single sign on solutions from Imprivata to make a positive impact on clinical workflows.  This interoperability enable nurses and clinicians to simply “tap and go” to gain instant access to electronic medical records (EMR) on mobile workstations.

To explore further examples of how Citrix and IGEL combined with key technology solutions can optimize clinical workflows read the solution brief  or view the video demonstration.


Catherine Gallagher

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