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Take a “Sneak Peek” of IGEL Linux 10 through Nov. 30

Take a “Sneak Peek” of IGEL Linux 10 through Nov. 30

curtain-300x199IGEL is changing the game for endpoint technology. New performance, security and device compatibility are just some of the latest features that make the new IGEL Linux 10 stand out. And now, through November 30th, IGEL is making available a “sneak preview” of this exciting new release allowing users the opportunity to evaluate this powerful new endpoint operating system.

What makes IGEL Linux 10 such a game changer? It enables customers to truly access today’s most modern devices and endpoint computing capabilities with the performance and power they want for increased productivity. Plus, combined with the industry-leading IGEL Universal Management Suite, IGEL Linux 10 delivers the added security and control needed for simplified management and confidence in their endpoint infrastructure.

What’s new? The new IGEL Linux 10 now features…

  • Support for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) extending IGEL Linux to the latest end-user device technology
  • 64-bit OS support providing access to the additional memory and expanded storage in next-generation devices
  • Hardware-accelerated decoding of multimedia content and remote display protocols in devices with supported chipsets
  • Support for popular communications protocols including Citrix HDX, VMware Blast and Microsoft RDP
  • Modernized and customizable user interface (UI)

Don’t wait for the final release! Preview IGEL Linux 10 today using a pre-release version of the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 3 (or UDC3), the next generation of the IGEL Software Endpoint that enables you to convert most any desktop PC, laptop computer, endpoint, or other device such as an Ultra Small Form Factor PC, that meets the minimum hardware requirements of having an x86-based 64-bit processor, 2GB of RAM and 2GB storage.

The IGEL Linux 10 Preview and the IGEL UDC3 used to perform installation is available to registered users free of charge through Nov. 30, 2016. Click here to register for the download today.

Jeff Kalberg

Principal Technology Evangelist at IGEL
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