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The Prescription to Secure Endpoints in Healthcare is IGEL OS

The Prescription to Secure Endpoints in Healthcare is IGEL OS

In 2022, 25 percent of ransomware attacks targeted healthcare organizations. This equates to more than 300 hospitals that were hit with ransomware, resulting in compromised personal health data of nearly 630,000 patients. Security is top of mind for all IT professionals, and it is especially critical to the protection of patient health information, where the target on healthcare IT looms large, and the financial repercussions of failure looms even larger.

To stave off these threats, healthcare IT teams work constantly to ensure that personal data is kept secure, but often these security measures get in the way of providing a great user experience. After all, clinicians want to spend their valuable time assisting patients, not wrestling with dual-factor authentication! Today’s healthcare provider wants fast, complete, and secure access to the data and tools they need to deliver the best care possible.

Fortunately, keeping your environment secure doesn’t mean you have to compromise your user experience. By deploying IGEL OS on your endpoint devices with your Citrix environment, you can ensure that your clinicians have a seamless, consistently productive experience while enjoying the ultimate endpoint security and user experience.

IGEL OS is the leading endpoint operating system for today’s wide variety of digital workspaces and has been keeping healthcare systems running smoothly for decades. IGEL’s small footprint and read-only OS greatly decreases the attack surface of endpoint devices and can ease the burden of endpoint management through our Universal Management Suite (UMS). Using UMS, a single administrator can easily deploy and manage tens of thousands of devices with just a few clicks.

IGEL has also partnered with Imprivata to support tap-and-go no click access. At HIMSS22, IGEL announced support for Imprivata’s “Persistent App” feature to allow for fast user switching on shared workstations. When a new user accesses a shared workstation, Persistent App keeps the virtually delivered Citrix app from being disconnected, which will decrease login time. During critical moments, information needs to be accessed instantly, and the last thing clinicians want to worry about is whether they can access their workspace efficiently. By combining the power of IGEL, Imprivata, and Citrix, healthcare professionals can focus on providing world class patient care instead of spending time waiting to login to their devices.

IGEL also provides end users with a consistent experience, and our integrations with Citrix, Imprivata, and other partners keep clinicians focused on what they do best, instead of worrying about the technology they use.

You can see a live demonstration of IGEL OS in the Citrix Ready booth #674 at HIMSS23 in Chicago. You will hear from Jason Mafera, Field CTO and Chris Feeney, Senior Presales Engineer, about the upcoming release of IGEL COSMOS, including the revolutionary IGEL OS 12, UMS 12, and IGEL Cloud services, during all three expo days.

Erin Jones

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