Endpoint security and optimization Anytime, Anywhere

IGEL Cloud Gateway extends the Universal Management Suite via a standard internet connection to IGEL OS-powered endpoints running in remote branch offices, at home offices or by roaming road warriors.

Whether based in the cloud or in the DMZ, IGEL Cloud Gateway seamlessly authenticates connection and transfers necessary data between the Universal Management Suite and the endpoint, without a VPN or leased line.

Across all industries, IGEL Cloud Gateway offers IT Pros a dedicated virtual tunnel for the transparent and secure management of IGEL OS-powered endpoints, including hardware converted by IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter and UD Pocket.

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    Replaces expensive VPN or leased lines with a dedicated tunnel for IGEL endpoint security and optimization that’s been optimized for unreliable networks. Only the necessary data is transferred, so no processing or storage is needed.

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    Zero touch deployment at remote locations. Simply assign an off-the-shelf device and enable the end user to set up their endpoint in three steps. No pre-configuration or on-site roll-out needed.

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    Transparent endpoint security and optimization of remote clients by leveraging the same function of the Universal Management Suite as for local clients. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of managing all your remote endpoints on a single console.

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    Flexible architecture to install IGEL Cloud Gateway on premise or deploy as a cloud service.

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    Secure HTTPS based protocol encrypts all communication. Certificates authorize and authenticate all connections.

  • Internet access
  • IGEL Linux 10.01.310 and later releases
  • IGEL UMS 5.06.100 and later releases
  • Onsite Linux server OR Cloud services
  • Web server Apache or Microsoft Internet Information Services
  • Cloud Services- Azure or Amazon virtual appliance

Whatever your industry or the location of your endpoints, IGEL Cloud Gateway and UMS enable transparent and secure endpoint security and optimization using only a standard internet connection. Enjoy the efficiency and ease of managing all remote endpoints from a single console.


Centrally manage remote endpoints at any retail branch without a VPN. Now IT can easily update authentication certificates for signature pads at POS, or roll-out a new wallpaper on the POS system with just a couple of clicks.


Endpoints at regional clinics or off-site service providers can now be centrally managed from the Universal Management Suite. IT can centrally update authentication or dictation software.

Finance & Services

Remotely activate a new smartcard middleware or update authentication certificates for roaming financial, insurance or legal consultants. Centrally manage remote endpoints at any branch outside the company network.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Global logistics service providers can easily run firmware updates and localize settings on endpoints at logistics centers, regardless of time zone and geographical location.


Secure endpoint security and optimization for contractors using IGEL UD Pocket outside the government network.

  • Optional extension for the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)
  • Each license package covers 10 managed Endpoints

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