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International Women’s Day 2024 is dedicated to celebrating female achievements and Inspiring Inclusion.

Did you know that the first gathering for IWD occurred in 1911 and supported 1 million women.

IGEL4 Women in Tech asked the team to embrace their superpowers, and here is what they shared.

Experience the impact when you #InspireInclusion

Sarah Heibult

Senior Channel Sales Manager, NA

Balancing fun with hard work, never settling and always striving for the best.

Book: “Grit” by Angela Duckworth

Rebecca Lennartz

Channel Sales Engineer

Personal and professional growth of others and myself through curiosity, advocacy & empowerment

Book: The Big Five for Life

Podcast: Female Leadership Academy

Binthu Vijayaratnam

Director Pre-Sales Engineering

Connecting Hearts, Inspiring Minds – Empathetic, Enthusiastic & Open to New Possibilities

Movie: The Shack

Kate Waddington


Empathy, Loyalty, Resilience

Patrizia Fioretti

VP Strategic Alliances EMEA

Intuitive, unwavering and courageous

The book that inspired me lately: Violeta by Isabelle Allende. In this novel, the titular character emerges as a fiercely independent woman who forges her path in a patriarchal society. Violeta Del Valle defies societal expectations by establishing her own business, which grants her financial independence and autonomy. Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, Violeta asserts her agency and challenges traditional gender roles, embodying resilience and determination in the face of adversity. As she navigates the complexities of love, loss, and personal growth, Violeta’s unwavering independence becomes a central theme, highlighting her strength and resilience in pursuing her dreams and shaping her destiny on her own terms.

Catherine Gallagher

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Grit, Empathy, Agility

A book that inspired me: Lean In – Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

Lisa Ertel


Organised & Empathetic

Divya Saggar

Director IGEL Ready

Positivity, Perseverance and Kindness

Book: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Movie: Life is Beautiful

Vanessa Schwecke

Sales Support Specialist

I am always the happy and calm one, even if I have a lot on my plate

Paula Kamenz



Lori Thompson


Dedication & adaptability

Mariah Mersereau

Order Management Specialist

Compassionate and Continuous Learner

Britta Loew

VP IPG Operations

Connecting people and building bridges, integrating everyone

Sonja Schäl

Team Leader, SDR, DACH

Serenity + open minded

Books + Movies: the Hunger Games Trilogy

Anaïs Goumand

Account and Partner Manager, International Sales

Multitasking, Organisation & Reliability

Somia Rehman

Support Analyst, Customer Engineering

Ability to work under pressure & face any challenges calmly. /Faithful/Optimistic

Christine Jabs

Controller, Finance

Superpower starts with selfcare

Parista Rai

Team Leader, Customer Support

Optimistic, honest, problem solving

Book: Start With Why (tips for new leaders)

Melanie Long

Manager HR and Finance, UK


Laura Hermans

Channel Operations Manager, Sales Ops

Problem Solving - Not easily thrown off course, able to think on my feet and discover a new path forward

Edyta Van Dijck

General Services Specialist

Unshakable optimism

Sabrina Heuer

Senior Compliance Manager, Legal and Compliance

To make the most of every day!

Christiane Ohlgart


Having learned to accept help and work in teams, so we can support others and focus on what we do best

Anita Siemen

Team Lead General Services

Enjoy the moment. Life is too short not to. People, Positivity, Love and Laughter is all I need to be happy

Irene Stenzel-Hampe

Director Dynamics ERP and CRM

Analyst - Facilitator of constructive dialogues - Dedicated to deliver

Alena Krokhinova

Manager Software Development

Empathy and grit

Kym Gay

Customer Retention and Renewals

I am strong!

Lynann Hua



Erin Ware

Distribution Director, NA

Connecting and building meaningful relationships

Yomi MacDonald

Marketing Co-ordinator

Helping others and being positive

Maggie Reiter

Director ServiceNow and DevOps

My passion and energy is infectious

Katja Gröblinghoff

Customer Licencing Co-ordinator

Being a tower of strength for my family

Petra Einspenner

Senior Director HR, EMEA

Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is passion and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.

Martina Lam

Executive Assistant ELT

I'm always calm under pressure and empathic towards others.

A book that inspired me is Trick Mirror

Andrea Illing

Senior Marketing Manager DACH

Positive energy and humour

Smaranda Popescu

Working Student, HR

I write poems and play improv theatre. I am responsible and I stay focused on my projects, while always embracing my creative and soft side. I am never afraid of hard work.

Annett Lehmann


Where chaos meets order, chaos usually wins because it is better organised, Number cruncher

Proudest grandma in the world

Stefanie Janßen


I love tidying up and reorganising processes

Emese Pogany

Technical Writer Knowledge Base and Technical Publications

I can make people laugh

A book that inspired me: Little Women (and the movie is not bad either)

Kim Tran

Technical Writer Knowledge Base and Technical Publications

Nature is the best healer

Movie that Inspired me: The Blind Side, and Karate Kid.

Inspired quote: “TEAMWORK coming together is a Beginning, keeping together is Progress, working together is Success” Henry Ford

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