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IGEL/XenTegra Florida Why Compromise Workshop

Mar 23, 2023
10:00:00 - 14:00:00
General Provision Downtown – Fort Lauderdale, FL
300 Southwest 1st Avenue #155
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 United States

Challenge everything and disrupt IT with IGEL OS! Join IGEL, Lenovo, ControlUp, and XenTegra for this hands-on workshop that combines product overview and formal IGEL Universal Desktop Converter and Universal Management Suite “UMS” training.

Why should you attend?

  • IGEL Endpoint management will make the life of IT a breeze
  • IGEL is an operating system that will unify the endpoints and standardize the user experience
  • IGEL can convert existing devices easily to a thin device
  • Enterprise-level security and administration is standard, out of the box

Workshop Details:

IGEL OS has revolutionized end-user computing. Attendees will see how they can convert devices provided as part of the “Why Compromise IGEL Conversion Workshop” to an ultra-secure operating system for x86 machines built with industry standard components, regardless of manufacturer. IGEL OS is designed to become the standard enterprise managed operating system for PCs, laptops, tablets, and most every other 64-bit, x-86 device, including PCs, laptops, thin clients, all-in-one clients and devices hardened for industrial use cases.

The packed workshop will cover the following key topics:

  1. IGEL Product Overview Presentation
  2. IGEL OS Overview Presentation
  3. Demo: IGEL OS Conversion Process
  4. Hands-On: IGEL OS Conversion Process (using the why compromise laptop)
  5. IGEL Universal Management Suite “UMS” Overview Presentation
  6. Demo: IGEL Universal Management Suite “UMS” Setup
  7. Hands-On: IGEL Universal Management Suite “UMS” Setup
  8. IGEL Universal Management Suite “UMS” and IGEL OS Integration Overview
  9. Demo: Universal Management Suite “UMS” and IGEL OS Integration
  10. Hands-On: Universal Management Suite “UMS” and IGEL OS Integration Setup
  11. Q&A

Lunch and beverages will be provided!

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