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WEBINAR: IT Security in Health Care

Jul 14, 2022
12:00:00 - 13:00:00
Webinar Event

Securing the Expanded Attack Surface
Created by a Remote Workforce

The best security professionals have always focused on empowering rather than restricting. However, securing today’s work-from-anywhere workforce is putting that noble goal to the test. That’s because working from home (or anywhere other than locations owned by the organization) opens up a can of security worms and questions, such as are folks more susceptible to ransomware and BEC social engineering attacks because the comfort of their own homes naturally lowers their guard?

Can, for example, running downstairs to change out the laundry mean your 10 year old will jump on your laptop and click away? Of course, the implications of that happening vary based on whether the end point in question is a work laptop or personal device, and how it’s secured. In this important webinar, we’ll talk to IT leaders about how they balance the need to empower with the need to secure in today’s post-pandemic environment

Panelists include:

  • Chuck Christian, CTO, Franciscan Health
  • Christopher Frenz, CISO, AVP of IT Security, Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Andrew Seward, CISO, MaineHealth
  • Chris Feeney, Healthcare Workflow Specialist, IGEL


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