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Lessons from Fordlandia (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace DEX)

Feb 8, 2023
12:00:00 - 13:00:00
It's Virtual!

Join Us for a Live Webinar and Demonstration:
Embracing DEX with LG and IGEL

In the 1920s, the Ford Motor Company sought to elude the British monopoly over the supply of rubber. Henry Ford looked for alternatives and a permanent place to establish a colony to produce rubber. In 1929, he established “Fordlandia” in the Amazon basin, designed as a plantation and miniature Midwest factory town.

By 1934, the whole place was burned to the ground by the workers.

This webinar will explore why Fordlandia failed (hint: employee experience matters!) and what lessons we can take from it as we look at the importance of Employee Experience in today’s hybrid work environment.

Join IGEL and LG and we’ll discuss how to deliver a peerless digital user experience (DEX) by:

  • Increasing Business Agility and Providing Endpoints that Employees Love to Use
  • Streamlining Unified Communications for Hybrid Work
  • Reducing the risk of ransomware, without draconian security policies
  • Delivering a unified experience across any device

In their 2023 predictions, Forrester cites “Digital employee experience has been a hot area for clients ever since the pandemic forced employees home, and it’s still important. Sixty percent of technology and business leaders indicate that improving EX is a top IT priority over the next 12 months.”

Here’s a Special Thank You:
Be one of the first 12 registrants for this webinar (who sign up AND attend) and win an LG “You’re on Mute” mug!

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Carl Gersh
VP of Marketing, North America, IGEL
Aaron Addison
Strategic Alliance Manager, IT/ Cloud LG Electronics Inc
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