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Kasm Technologies

Kasm Technologies is a cybersecurity company that specializes in the development of a secure isolation platform for remote browser isolation and secure remote access to Windows and Linux environments. The platform offers both hosted and on-premise solutions, allowing for flexible deployment of on-demand, disposable applications or full desktops without the need for endpoint installation .Led by a team of experienced engineers, Kasm Technologies has a history of developing cybersecurity tools and platforms for both the federal government and private sectors. Their Workspaces platform and open-source projects were designed to focus on security and privacy and use a modern DevOps approach. The company's team has extensive experience in offensive and defensive cyber operations, rapid prototyping, and cutting-edge technology, which provides them with a unique perspective on how to offer reliable, private, and secure communications. Kasm Technologies is committed to providing its customers with a highly secure and efficient isolation platform that is perfect for remote work, while also providing flexibility and ease of use. Their innovative solutions and expertise in cybersecurity make them a reliable partner for any organization seeking to protect their data and work remotely in a secure and efficient manner.

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