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eG Enterprise

Total Performance Visibility

eG Enterprise is a total performance management solution that provides automated IT monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting to troubleshoot application slowdowns, user experience issues, network outages, virtualization bottlenecks, server failures, storage hotspots, and more.

eG Enterprise uses a combination of agent-based and agentless approaches to monitor the health and performance of the entire IT infrastructure from application code to bare metal across physical, virtual and cloud, and hybrid IT environments – from a single pane of glass. 

Using a patented performance correlation and root cause diagnosis technology, eG Enterprise simplifies performance troubleshooting, resulting in faster problem resolution and increased operational efficiency for IT pros.

eG Enterprise makes user experience the centerpiece of your IT monitoring and management strategy through a combination of synthetic and real user experience monitoring. 

eG Enterprise enables IT organizations to quantify the quality of service being delivered to users and proactively notifies IT operations teams of impending problems. 

The result: happy users, enhanced productivity, and tangible business ROI.

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Product Details

Whether deployed on-premises or as a SaaS/Cloud service, eG Enterprise monitors all iGEL components: the iGEL UMS Server and the Thin Clients. The embedded analytics in eG Enterprise pinpoints whether performance problems are originating in the endpoint or elsewhere, tracks USM Server availability, monitors key UMS Server processes and resource usage, error logs, validity of SSL certificates, and more. 

Through auto-grouping of clients and auto-mapping of users to thin clients, all directories in the IGEL console are automatically discovered and users are automatically mapped to thin clients which allows administrators to drill-down from user sessions to the thin client device.

eG Enterprise for iGEL also provides comprehensive reporting, control actions to iGEL clients UMS cluster support and automatic baselining for proactive capacity planning.

By leveraging iGEL’s custom partitions, the USM Server can automatically push eG Agents to iGEL endpoints. The eG Agents then begin collecting performance metrics and reporting them to the eG Console. eG Enterprise extends the patented automatic performance isolation capabilities across end points, virtual infrastructure, and cloud services for rapid troubleshooting.


  • Proactively monitor your IGEL endpoints and UMS servers. Learn about problems before users do.
  • Eliminate blind spots. Track performance every step of the way – across endpoints, virtual infrastructure and cloud services and facilitate rapid troubleshooting
  • Pinpoint the cause of performance issues by correlating Citrix/VDI performance and the corresponding endpoint, thereby reducing mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Baseline usage levels of IGEL endpoints and servers and plan for capacity upgrades

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