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Dynamic App Delivery!

FlexApp layering

dynamically delivers applications without affecting the underlying Windows base

image. The solution supports Windows workspaces, including Microsoft AVD,

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon, Nutanix Frame, and Amazon

WorkSpaces. The new FlexApp One feature enables seamless Microsoft

Endpoint Manager deployment and distribution by any file transfer method for

flexible online and offline use! Innovative and industry-first features such as

Click-to-Layer (apps on-demand), FlexApp Cache, and seamless support of cloud

object-based storage, make FlexApp the logical "go-to" application

layering choice for any organization.

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Product Details

Application layering greatly
simplifies base image management. Virtual any application can easily be
packaged and stored in a FlexApp app container. The application is delivered to
the user at logon or a point set by IT staff.  Application layering is suitable for a large
spectrum of applications because this approach does not isolate the
application.  This technology is an extremely viable option for
proprietary, niche or highly customized commercial applications that many
enterprises rely on. FlexApp can greatly reduce the burden of base image
and application management.   Applications can be easily packaged
with the FlexApp FastPackaging feature which can slice the time and effort
it takes to mount and deploy applications.  FlexApp Fast-Packaging is the fastest
and most straightforward layering process in the industry – up to
10x faster than any other competing offering. The PackageOnce feature
allows the applications to be delivered to any Windows OS version.   
FlexApp also provides several ready-to-deploy Cloud Apps that require zero
packaging. There are no complicated templates or time-consuming manual
virtual-volume creation tasks involved. The entire process is made easy with
the FlexApp Packaging Console, which automates VHD or VMDK container creation
and is as easy and fast to use as the installation process of the application
itself. FlexApp applications can easily be copied, updated, and edited with an
intuitive FlexApp Packaging Console and additional included resources.
FlexApp’s intuitive packaging and deployment enables:

FastPackaging —
package applications in the same amount of time it takes to install them.

PackageOnce — once an
application is packaged it can be deployed to any Windows OS version that
supports that application. Applications are truly OS and platform independent.

Cloud Apps — FlexApp
features several pre-packaged cloud-based applications. Cloud Apps require zero
packaging and enable quick and easy cloning to your own cloud or on-prem
environment for production.  

Deploy Applications
Faster — Applications can be deployed in seconds with Click-to-Layer on-demand
capabilities and a quick configuration update process.


-Quickly deliver applications and updates.
-Reduce the number of base images in any Windows enterprise.
-FlexApp One even delivers applications with Microsoft Intune, or by any cloud file share, enabling offline applications!

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