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Only available for resellers in Germany and Switzerland
Other countries coming soon!

Invest in Growth for Now & Next

IGEL is committed to support you, our partners, to maximise your renewal opportunity. Our strategic partnership with Renewtrak offers a single platform to gain visibility into your pipeline, automate customer notifications and generate revenue.

Working Smarter Not Harder

Renewtrak offers greater visibility into the details of your eligible renewal opportunity—from large and complex to small and simple.

For small to medium opportunities, Renewtrak takes the pressure off sales team resources by automating notifications to your customers and providing them with an opportunity to renew in a user-friendly portal.

Why Renewtrak

The Renewtrak platform empowers you to scale your IGEL renewal business with technology and automation to organize your opportunity, notify customers about upcoming expirations, and enable customers to take action in a variety of ways.

You can even customize your platform by adding your logo and contact details, so that your communication remains branded and personalized. Renewtrak streamlines the renewals process resulting in less effort, enhanced experiences and ultimately increased revenue.

Data Visibility

IGEL’s investment in Renewtrak empowers you to:

  • consistently keep opportunities within reach
  • gain even more visibility into your customers’ install base

Flexible Solutions

We’ve tailored the platform for you to:

  • offer traditional like-for-like renewals
  • generate more complex OSX migration quotesbring all your customers onto our latest subscription model
  • allow you to proactively serve the individual needs of each customer

Customer First

Make your customer’s lives easier:

  • eliminate complexity and barriers
  • promptly answer customer queries
  • streamline the buying journey

It’s a Win-Win with Renewtrak

Our channel partners don’t need to sacrifice opportunity to engage in a customer-centric experience. Renewtrak for IGEL connects the data, automation and a platform to magnify and enable the most profitable path for every customer—and you will reap the reward of a flowing revenue stream.

First time using Renewtrak? Let’s get you started!

To learn more about IGEL’s Renewtrak solution and to get your users onboarded smoothly, contact us here.

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