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1 on 1 Technologies & Utah Community Credit Union

1 on 1 Technologies Taps IGEL to Improve Workspace Management for Utah Community Credit Union

1 on 1 Technologies is a technology solutions provider based in Glendale, Arizona. Providing cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions, 1 on 1 Technologies partners with leading vendors including Citrix, to improve the efficiency of its clients day-to-day business operations.

“We chose to partner with IGEL largely due to the management capabilities available through the IGEL Universal Management Suite. When we first began working with IGEL, the economy was still in recession and we needed to help Utah Community Credit Union do more with less, while at the same time prepare for growth as the economy improved. IGEL offered the best endpoint solutions for helping us achieve those objectives.”

Ryan FrostSolution Mastermind, 1 on 1 Technologies


The Customer

  • Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU), a dependable community partner, pairing unmatched personal support with a broad suite of innovative financial services.
  • 18 locations across Utah serving more than 180,000 members
  • Headquarters: Provo, Utah

The Challenge

  • Due to the lingering economic recession in Utah, UCCU needed to do more with less, while at the same time start preparing for better times by investing in technology solutions that would improve efficiencies and reduce strain on limited resources.

The Solution

  • IGEL Universal Desktop™ 2 (UD2) zero clients featuring Intel Atom® Single-Core Processors
  • IGEL Universal Desktop 3 (UD3) thin clients with dual and triple monitors and powered by AMD Embedded G-Series Quad-Core Processors
  • IGEL Universal Desktop 5 (UD5) thin clients featuring Intel Celeron® Dual-Core Processors

Key Benefits

  • Ease of management
  • Reliability
  • Time and cost savings

“I founded 1 on 1 Technologies in 2011 after coming to the realization that many of the solution providers I had been coming across didn’t have a clear understanding of the full scope of their customers’ business challenges,” said Ryan Frost, Solution Mastermind, 1 on 1 Technologies. “They simply didn’t ask the right questions, and I wanted to create a different type of business model that looked at all of the variables presented to the business by marketing, sales and operations, before prescribing a solution that would meet the client’s needs and requirements.”

1 on 1 Technologies is also committed to giving back to the community, and supports many local charitable organizations in the Phoenix area focused on children and education, as well as a nonprofit providing educational resources to children in Honduras. “We feel that we have a responsibility to provide resources that will help future generations,” continued Frost. “Over the years, our approach to business and our commitment to the community has turned many of our clients into good friends, and we are proud to have the opportunity to serve so many customers who share these same values, including Utah Community Credit Union.”

Economic recession drives need for greater efficiency

Frost has been working with Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) since 2008, well before he started 1 on 1 Technologies. In 2014, UCCU came to him looking for a better way to manage its growing footprint of end-user devices, which included thin and zero clients.
At the time, UCCU was operating around 40 clients from another manufacturer at more than a dozen locations, including its headquarters in Provo, Utah and branch offices across Utah. “We were still in the middle of an economic recession, and UCCU was finding that it was becoming more difficult for its small IT staff to manage the credit union’s growing network of zero clients,” said Frost. “They were spending much of their time on repair and imaging for the end-user devices, and needed to be able to do more with less, while at the same time prepare for growth as the economy improved.”

Meeting at Citrix Synergy leads to purchase of IGEL endpoints and management console

1 on 1 Technologies recommended that UCCU take a look at IGEL. “We had read about IGEL in one of the trade magazines and set up time to meet face-to-face with them at the Citrix Synergy event held in May 2014,” continued Frost. “During that event, we ordered several demo units and set to work testing them with UCCU.”

It took only a month for UCCU to decide that IGEL offered everything they wanted in a endpoint solution, and more. “UCCU was already familiar with the incumbent manufacturer, so we didn’t test any other thin client solutions,” said Frost. “What really sold them on IGEL was that fact that both the hardware and software worked as prescribed, with very few issues or challenges during the testing phase. The solution was easy to implement, was reliable, and UCCU could tell from the start that IGEL had made some significant investments in developing the Universal Management Suite, which provided its team with the ability to easily manage and control its end-user devices and workspaces.”

UCCU leverages IGEL in Citrix VDI and XenApp deployments

With the help of 1 on 1 Technologies, Utah Community Credit Union purchased IGEL’s Universal Desktop 2 (UD2), Universal Desktop 5 (UD5), Universal Desktop 3 (UD3) with dual and triple monitor support, and licensed the IGEL Universal Management System to manage its end-user workspaces.

UCCU is currently leveraging the IGEL thin and zero clients as part of its Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Citrix XenApp deployments. The credit union also has plans to expand its IGEL thin and zero client infrastructure as new branch offices are opened up across Utah.

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