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Who would have thought about a year ago that the quantum leap towards nearly everyone working from home would take place so soon? Yet now we find ourselves in the home office or at the kitchen table, nearly all our working activities and interactions done via the screen of our laptops. We’ve adjusted quite quickly to this new normal and are now in the phase of optimising our productivity while in our homes.

The performance of our digital device, as well as its security, are playing a central role. Working remote from the office means you can’t just step into the office of the IT manager to get him to prioritise your problem, or spontaneously organise a short meeting with your colleagues to talk through the details of a client meeting. The laptop or desktop has now become truly indispensable.

IT teams have an ever-greater responsibility to make sure these endpoints are up and running, without the ability to examine them physically. In this white paper, we will take you through your options to make this possible and maintain control over the endpoint devices so that remote workers can securely do their jobs.

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