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Using Wyse ThinOS?

Here’s why you’ll soon have problems down the line


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Anyone using Wyse ThinOS will soon be faced with a tough choice.

You’ll have to either continue with your existing ThinOS, and risk running unsupported endpoints, or embark on a potentially expensive upgrade to ThinOS 9. ThinOS 9 may be the latest version, but there are plenty of key software integrations that just won’t be possible – including enterprise critical applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

So let IGEL OS come to your rescue. It’s easy to convert all your ThinOS devices (and any other compatible x86-64 hardware you have) to IGEL OS. It’s lightweight, modular, Linux-based and super-secure. And it offers all the third-party integration you need to remain at the forefront of productive end user computing.

Thanks for your loyalty, not much.

So how did we get here? Since 2012, Dell has steadily decreased its investment in the Wyse thin client business. It’s become clear with the latest release of Dell’s custom thin client operating system – Wyse ThinOS 9 – that its focus is now on other products in its portfolio.

That might be good news for Dell, but it’s bad news for all the loyal Wyse ThinOS customers who are now stuck with soon-to-be unsupported endpoints. Or who face a big bill to upgrade to a new Wyse ThinOS that is no longer at the cutting thin client edge.

ThinOS 9 lacks several key VDI and cloud technology integrations. Worse, it’s limited to only a small subset of Dell Wyse branded devices: namely the Wyse 3040, 5070, 5470, and 5470 mobile thin clients. If you have older or other Wyse-branded hardware, you’ll now have to purchase these newer models if you want to benefit from future releases of Wyse ThinOS.

Let IGEL OS ride
to your rescue

Don’t buy hardware you don’t need.

There’s no need to throw away ‘obsolete’ Wyse ThinOS endpoints. Just upgrade your OS. IGEL OS runs on any compatible x86-64 device with a 1 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM.

Deploy Win 10 without the hassle.

IGEL OS makes the move to Windows 10 friction-free. In fact, IGEL OS is Microsoft’s Linux-based edge OS of choice for deploying WVD on cloud workspaces.

Scale out? No problem.

IGEL OS comes with our Universal Management Suite software, so you can easily scale to 300,000 endpoints and more. And since IGEL OS is platform independent, adding new endpoints is super-easy.

Make a frictionless move to the cloud.

IGEL OS was the first Linux-based endpoint OS to be verified with Windows Virtual Desktop. For AWS, it already includes native support for PCoIP and PCoIP Ultra.

Stay secure, from edge to cloud.

IGEL OS has minimal attack surface and a read-only file system. Unique end-to-end verified cryptographic signature checks keep data safe from IGEL hardware or UEFI all the way to the VDI host or cloud.

Compare for yourself Dell Wyse IGEL
Development resources available Continues to reduce investment in Cloud Client Computing team as VMware offerings assume priority.

In addition, China-based software development creates trade compliance challenges for U.S. government accounts.
IGEL OS benefits from sustained OS development focus, resource investment, and development team continuity.

Development is performed in Germany, and is U.S. Trade Agreement Act compliant.
Third-party software integration With a non-standard OS, custom development is required for all third party clients when using ThinOS 8.x versions.

ThinOS 9 uses adapted Linux clients, but only Citrix is supported as of Q3 2020. Notable gaps include VMware Horizon 7 and Horizon 8, and WVD clients, along with high-priority applications such as Zoom.
Linux foundation enables IGEL OS to ship with multiple versions of standard VMware and Citrix clients.

And crucially for user peripherals - over 90 optional third-party integrations, kept current, give superior freedom of choice. There is a flexible custom partition option to address specific requirements.
Hardware lifecycle and support ThinOS 9 can only be used on very specific devices (latest 3040, 5070, 5470, and 5470 mobile), while 8.x version will not receive the latest client software updates.

Dell is fast to discontinue support for existing hardware, including eliminating AMD device support (Wyse 5010, 5060) with ThinOS 9.
IGEL’s multi-vendor hardware support maximizes your ability to leverage your existing hardware investments and defer capital expenses.

In many cases, IGEL OS can even extend the functionality and useful life of older Dell hardware no longer capable of running ThinOS.
Peripheral support Thin OS has a custom approach that is unable to leverage standard Linux drivers and severely limits peripheral support. Extensive driver support and rapid support for new devices is standard, thanks to Linux compatibility.
Modularity The original small footprint has grown from 190 MB in 8.5 to 632 MB in 9.0. An increasing reliance on add-on modules for key functionality further inflates the footprint. Granular, user-profile driven and centralized control over the OS components deployed to the endpoint, means that IGEL OS strikes an optimal balance between size of footprint, security, and functionality.
Secure browser options Browser support is limited to Citrix Workspace functionality and cannot be used for any other purposes. Offers the option to include a securely isolated browser (Firefox or Chromium), or to exclude the browser for a reduced attack surface.
General security Relies on ‘security through obscurity’. However, it cannot be updated quickly as vulnerabilities are discovered. IGEL’s strong security resource focus and its access to the efforts of the global Linux community ensure that vulnerabilities are quickly resolved.

IGEL OS establishes end-to-end “chain of trust” starting with UEFI, and from the device SoC when used with specified IGEL hardware.

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Once you’ve seen everything that IGEL OS can offer, we’ll help you replace ThinOS on your Wyse-branded thin clients, keeping your old hardware while creating a new, superior user experience.

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