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Supporting Quotes for IGEL Ready Program

IGEL technology and channel partners share their insights on the value of the new IGEL Ready program

Technology Partners


“AMD and IGEL have frequently worked together to bring high performance computing to IGEL’s products. We look forward to working with IGEL and its partners on the new IGEL ready Program to continue to drive innovation for customers using IGEL products.” – Stephen Turnbull, director of product marketing, Embedded Solutions at AMD.


“The unexpected shift to remote work has not been frictionless for any business. At BUURST, we’ve been focused on helping our customers adapt to a new era, and migrate and store their businesses in the cloud. With IGEL Ready, we can reach new customers, combine our offerings with IGEL’s simple operating system, and help even more businesses seamlessly make the transition the cloud.” – Garry Olah, CEO, BUURST

Channel Mechanics

“Channel Mechanics are delighted to have partnered with the IGEL Technology Alliance Team to provide our Partner Enablement Platform for the delivery of the IGEL program. We look forward to the roll out of the program and supporting IGEL to drive a best in class alliance program” – Kenneth Fox CEO Channel Mechanics

Citrix (also in release)

“For 20 years, Citrix and IGEL have worked closely together to deliver simple, smart and secure solutions to our mutual customers. Now, we’re excited to expand our partnership with the launch of IGEL Ready to ensure that our validated solutions can be easily identified, and that our customers can be assured they are running the most up-to-date versions that have been tested for performance and interoperability.” – Pratik Shah, Director of Product Management at Citrix


“IGEL and deviceTRUST have been partners for years already and we are excited to be launch partner of the IGEL Ready program. With IGEL´s Edge OS and deviceTRUST´s contextual security solution customers are able to provide their users with a secure, context-aware desktop that can be accessed from everywhere.” – Jens Schmidt, CSO at deviceTRUST GmbH


“Multimedia applications are key demands for IGEL customers in order to enable local media playback and redirection for their endpoints. Over the last decade, FLUENDO has offered our multimedia streaming capabilities through IGEL, improving competitiveness on the market as a result. The IGEL Ready program is the perfect match to integrate our applications into the software at a higher level, enhance the user experience and provide the best technology customization on multimedia codecs.” – Gregori Martinez, Chief Sales Officer, Fluendo

Goliath Technologies

“Goliath Technologies is the standard in Health IT. We offer purpose-built software to monitor and troubleshoot end-user experiences across Citrix and VMware Horizon environments to the delivery and use of EHR applications, like Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, and MEDITECH. As a member of the IGEL Ready Program, we ensure our combined solution offers optimal value to Health IT professionals responsible for the end-to-end clinician experience while centrally managing, controlling, and securing all endpoints.” –  Thomas Charlton, CEO and Chairman of Goliath Technologies.

Lakeside Software

“IGEL has been a great partner of ours because we both believe in the power of the endpoint. IGEL makes sure the endpoint is secure and easy to manage while Lakeside helps IT provide an excellent end-user experience through continuous monitoring. Our software is directly integrated into IGEL OS, so accessing deep visibility and insights is as easy as flipping a switch. We’re thrilled to be IGEL Ready launch partners and look forward to helping new and existing clients leverage IGEL endpoints to their full potential.” – Dan Salinas, VP Sales and Business Development, Lakeside Software

LG Business Solutions

“IGEL’s software-defined endpoint management solutions are truly changing the way enterprises approach end-user computing. Partnering with IGEL will help expand our enterprise business, and we look forward to teaming with our channel partners to provide their end user customers with an innovative, secure and high-performing endpoint computing experience.” – Clark Brown, Vice President, LG Business Solutions.


“We’re pleased to be an inaugural partner in the IGEL Ready program. IGEL and Liquidware have long been alliance partners and we’re excited to further our collaboration under the new program to solve real-world workspace challenges for our joint customers and partners. IGEL’s Edge OS offers customers a single management point across their desktops while Liquidware’s adaptive workspace management enables seamless monitoring, on-boarding, and streamlined user management of Windows environments.” – Tyler Rohrer, co-founder, Liquidware.

Login VSI

“The IGEL/Login VSI partnership has been a real win for our joint customers. Using automated testing, customers predict and enhance their end-user experience directly from the IGEL endpoint. The integrated solution enables enterprise with large remote populations to continuously test the performance and availability on all IGEL endpoints. The combination of IGEL and Login VSI enables customers to gain a holistic view of resources 24x7x365 – giving them visibility into performance and availability changes.” – Richard Scannell, General Manager, North America, Login VSI


“We’re always looking for ways to make our customers’ complex projects easier, which is one reason we’re excited to be an IGEL Ready Partner. Pre-imaging IGEL onto our industrial computers not only creates a simpler, more efficient and more cost effective solution for our customers to deploy at the edge, but it also combines our best in class hardware with IGEL’s proven virtualization platform, giving our clients peace of mind that both their hardware and software solution is ready for whatever they can throw at it.” – Carolyn Swan, Partnership Leader, OnLogic


”After many years and close collaboration with IGELl, we understand the users’ needs and thereby constantly improve our offer. SecMaker’s technology partners, world leaders in their special areas, provide us with a lot of concrete and valuable knowledge. It gradually strengthens our product portfolio and thus quickly leads to customer value.” – Andreas Mossnelid, Head of Business Development, SecMaker

Systec & Solutions GmbH

“For more than 5 years, we’ve sold IGEL OS with our HMI systems because it is the perfect endpoint solution for our customers in the pharmaceutical and life science industry. IGEL is incredibly flexible for endpoints, and we’ve received extensive positive feedback for our HMI system in combination with IGEL. Given this high customer satisfaction, we are looking forward to extending our partnership through the IGEL Ready program and reaching even more customers.” – Simeon Meier, Product and Quality Manager, Systec & Solutions GmbH


“Tehama is thrilled to partner with IGEL to enhance the ‘complete chain of trust,’ which is critical as businesses enter the next phase of sustainability for remote work. With the IGEL Ready program, the output of Tehama’s Virtual Office as a Service + IGEL is a safe, cost-effective platform designed to enable a  digital by default workplace resulting in faster time to value and massive savings on time and money.” – Craig Irwin, Vice President, Global Strategic Accounts and Alliances, Tehama.


“Enterprise computing moving to the cloud and the transformation to hybrid remote and traditional in-office work lends itself to needing scalable, efficient, and secure workflows. Printing and scanning need to be available securely, quickly, and accurately to every end user – whether working in the cloud or from virtual desktops. We’re passionate and thrilled to expand our invention of the universal print driver into a comprehensive printing and scanning platform that helps companies work smarter, grow faster, and bring more ease to IT admins and end users alike. IGEL is a company of innovators – and the IGEL ready program only helps to expand that. Our partnership will develop even more with the program and full integration into the software – making revolutionary technology more accessible to our mutual customers. This is a great advancement for end user computing.” – Hannah Byrne, COO, Tricerat


“Veridium have identified iGEL as a strategic partner and are delighted the IGEL Ready program is available to validate our ground breaking solutions. IGEL are the clear market leaders for edge OS for Cloud Workspaces and combined with Veridium’s unique software only proposition to deliver a seamless user experience for passwordless user authentication, builds on the existing IGEL benefits and further complements cost savings and improved security for organisations.” – John Spencer, Chief Strategy Officer, Veridium


“The unexpected shift to remote work has not been frictionless for any business. As a result, we’ve been focused on enabling our customers through this transition. The IGEL Ready program will help us, along with mutual partners such as Citrix and VMware, to deliver a validated solution for new and existing customers to access our products seamlessly.” – Simon Booth, Senior Software Architect at Zoom Video Communications.

Channel Partners

Coretek Services

“Coretek believes IGEL Ready allows for faster adoption, integration, and the agility to flex and test different uses cases for our customers. The IGEL OS becomes a plug and play environment to tie all the ‘lego pieces’ of the compute and network infrastructure together with confidence.” – Ron Lisch, CEO Coretek Services

Computer Products Corp.

“The IGEL Ready program is a great benefit to organizations as they need to make smart decisions quickly, knowing the IGEL Ready Validation can fast track their decision making.    We were an early champion of IGEL Ready solutions,  leveraging the LG IGEL partner ready status to meet customer needs for specialized thin clients in healthcare. The expanded partner ready program will only increase our ability to meet customer’s business requirements with proven IGEL ready solutions.” – Bruce Poor, President of Business Development, Computer Products Corp.


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